• The non stick coating is probably more dangerous than the rust. the rust is simply iron oxide, the teflon coating has been shown to cause health problems when it begins to break down. I'd get a new pan, stainless steel and use spray on oil to prevent sticking. Much better all round. cheers
  • Flaking pieces of non-stick coating are toxic to health and if this is the case the pan should be discarded. If its just worn without flaking its okay. The rust is simply the metal in the pan that is oxidizing with contact with air and water and that is not harmful. However rather than wash in water, simply wipe out with kitchen paper or tissue and a squirt of clean oil and they wont rust or no-where near as much anyway.
  • Time for new pans. I dont think the rust will kill you, but pans aren't expensive.
  • Rust does not taste good that is for sure. Might be nature's way of saying clean the rust off before using them.
  • tetanus shots are for rust..
  • 6-10-2017 People really ought to learn some facts so they don't have to spout bullshit and pretend to know something. Teflon is the safest material ever made by man. The only health problem ever found is in a lab setting where the broken down plastic is recirculated through a heater, insuring that particles are always small enough to inhale. In any real life setting, the particles will bond to smoke or anything that happens to be present, making particles that are too big to be inhaled. As for rust, iron is a necessary nutrient. The only problem is it tastes lousy. When you buy new pans, avoid the Teflon coatings because they get knocked off so easily. I suggest you buy at a restaurant supply store. Chefs don't discuss pots and pans, they just buy the durable stuff, so that is the only kind the store carries.
  • Scrub it with steel wool, coat it with shortening and put it on high heat on the stove until it smokes. This will season the pan and coat it keep it from rusting.

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