• Your a genius,whats your IQ?
  • Are you really stressed or depressed or doing drugs? That could put you in a sort of fog and interfere with your communications. Being deprived of sleep or having a really unhealthy diet affects your ability to focus too. It could also be that you get so worked up about talking and fearing that you are going to come off as sounding stupid that you make yourself mess up. I would suggest taking your time, get in the frame of mind that everything is okay, you can relax and there is no rush to get an answer out. We all have different styles of talking. Some people have the gift of gab and are really loud and quick speakers, while others may be more thoughtful and slow. It has nothing to do with intelligence; it's just the style that comes the most naturally to you. Conversation should be easy, so intead of overthinking things, if I were you I would try to go with the flow and have some faith in yourself. At any rate, I've always found comfort in this quote by Dr. Seuss, and maybe you might as well: “Be Who You Are and Say What You Feel Because Those Who Mind Don't Matter and Those Who Matter Don't Mind."
  • Annoying isnt it? I always seem to miss the point of my story because while I am trying to tell it I think of fifteen other things. Sometimes it takes me a minute of saying weird things before the right sentence comes out. I used to call it 'the tornado in my head'. You know what you want to say, you know the end of your sentence but before you reach it other thoughts interfere and make you blurt out stupid things. I found out that the reason of this thing was that I was preoccupied by other things. I could not think clear because I was emotionally hurt and kind of lost track of myself. However when I get excited I am not capable of speaking normally either. Just too many thoughts going round and round. You will just have to take your time to focus, or if something is bothering you, you will have to remove that obstacle first to be on clear thinking terms again. Good luck, I know for sure you will figure it out. I know because I have the same IQ :P
  • Quit drinking!lol
  • My first thought would be - sober up! Think of the story you are telling as a road. Along the way are junctions, side roads, pathways. Focus on the destination, and do not get distracted by going down blind alleys, or admiring the view on the way.
  • maybe you should go see a doctor to find out why youre doing that

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