• No, I don't think exploiting their sister on Youtube is funny.
  • Not really that funny because his sister has a point she's 18 give her some space 2nd her mother letting her brother push her buttons like that just to make things worse is inapropriate and unfair, 3rd this is all on YouTube for everyone at her school to see now everyone will think it's ok to treat her like that because she's treated like that at home
  • It is funny but sad at the same time. + 5
  • pretty pathetic on both the mom's and the brother's part. She's 18, she can see and meet w/ who ever she chooses, she doesn't need her parents permission, Yeah she should have let someone know where she was but, it is not necessary for that person to be her parents, it could have been a friend. Her mom needs some serious counseling on letting go.
  • As stupid and wrong as what she did was; her brother shouldn't have put that on youtube. It seems to me none of them have very good judgement.
  • I LOVE IT!!!! That girl is so dumb.. he's right, she could have been raped! +5
  • I would like to strangle the brother. Maybe the Mother( who found the brothers accusations funny) should check his movements. We, in Australia have just had a radio station put a Mother and Daughter on air, giving the Daughter a lie detector test where the Mother demanded to know if the Daughter had had sex (daughter is 14) Girl tells all she was raped at age 12 and is crying. Radio guy demands to know if she had sex apart from the rape. Show gets cut. I feel there should be a case against the announcer.
  • The brother needs a slap! I don't think the Mum should be laughing and therefore encouraging his behaviour to be honest.. like he is a little golden boy!
  • Haha that's awesome, gotta feel a little sorry for the girl though - even though that was a very stupid thing to do.
  • Wow she just met dude on Myspace?...Creepy. ...Hopefully she does feel embaressed about this, and never do it again. Not smart. - I wouldnt say its funny though. In the least.
  • In the uk that would never happen at 18 years old you're a men or women, It looks like 18 years old in america is like 14ys. vid is very funny lol. (hope I made sense).

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