• antonio banderas in interview with the vampire as armand ... way too old, too tall, brunette .... just entirely wrong
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      The reason Interview with the Vampire failed was that it was too long, too repetitive and had too much dialog. I love horror movies but I couldn't make it through that one. It bored me to sleep.
  • There was a movie, I forget the title, but it has Chris Klein, Lili Sobieski and Josh Hartnett, and Sobieski's character has a bf, who is played by Hartnett, and she cheats on him with Klein's character, which is just SO FAR FETCHED, becasue come on, if you had Hartnett, why on earth would you cheat on him with ANYONE?
  • Denise Richards in 'The World is Not Enough'. John Wayne as Ghengis Khan in 'The Conqueror'.
  • i'd have to say robin williams in august rush. you end up disliking the character he plays, and how he really treats the kids (especially august)... and robin williams is really a fun, jolly actor. it's a little backwards...
  • Al Pacino - Michael Corleone
  • Nearly the entire cast of Running with Scissors.
  • Oh gosh, I'm really nervous about the downrates I'm gonna get but here goes: Hayden Christensen as Anakin I'm a huge SW fan, btw. Not that he's not a spectacular actor, he just didn't strike me right in this role. Something was missing and I just wasn't buying that he was Darth Vader.
  • Maybe Mena Suvari, in the "new" BLOCKBUSTER Day of the Dead, (I say this because I just watched it). I NEVER pictured Mena as a soldier! LoL!
  • Samurai's were tall so I go for Tom Cruise in "The Last Samurai". They had to use short actors to match his shortness.
  • Ok.. I will get slammed for this but no matter because I truly feel that the Titanic needed a stronger more rugged looking leading man. Leonardo DiCaprio just did not fit the part to me. He was not passionate enough. I have loved him in movies before and I realize it was a younger couple to be portrayed but he just did not do it for me in that movie.
  • I think Michael Gambon is horrible as Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movies. After seeing Richard Harris in that role, Gambon's performance seems even more lackluster. He has none of the warmth and conveys none of the wisdom of the character in the book, and there is simply no chemistry with Harry.
  • John Wayne as the Mongol horde leader, Genghis Khan in The Conqueror. Oh that was bad, really bad!
  • There's a recent release where some actress plays Bob Dylan. I thought it was either Scarlett Johansson or Hilary Swank, but it isn't. I thought Oliver Stone was involved but he isn't as a director or producer so I don't know what movie it is. :p
  • Anything involving a fight which has Tom Cruise in it! Dangerous! it is like watching a boy!
  • Sly Stallone in Judge Dredd....... terrible movie made worse by him, pity cos I had been looking forward to it.
    • Professor Yaffle
      Visually that movie was very good but Stallone was the worst thing in the film... I mean, Dredd without his helmet? Karl Urban was so good in the later "Dredd" I didn't realise it was Bones from Star Trek!
  • Tom Cruise as Lestat in Interview with the vampire!
  • Val Kilmer.....Batman. Michael Keaton.....Batman.
  • Ben Affleck in Daredevil; Will Smith in Wild, Wild West.
    • Franco333
      Yep. The movie could of re-launched Wild Wild West had the Hollyweird leftists not monkeywrenched it with Smith.
  • Anything with Kevin Costner in it...
  • Tom Cruise in the Last Samurai. Don't get me wrong, I loved the flick, but the excellent story was just wasted on Tom. Why can't they hire more actors and less movie stars?!!
  • Yes. Arnold Schwarzenegger as PeeWee Herman.
  • Keanu Reeves in "Constantine". When I read the original "Hellblazer" comics I thought Daniel Craig (pre James Bond) would have been more suited.
  • IMO Paul Newman in Blaze. He plays the brother of Huey Long D. LA. His character was portrayed as rather frumpy. There is way Paul Newman could've ever looked frumpy.
  • That guy (can't call him an actor) who played Anniken Skywalker. "Yes my master." I've seen robots with more feeling deliver a line! I have so much respect for Natalie Portman for having to act with that piece of wood! Hayden Christensen. AWFUL, AWFUL ACTOR!!!

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