• Yes without a doubt especially for business people..
  • They aren't becoming that for me, personally. To me they are an electronic leash and people can be so obnoxious with them. I was taught that you didn't talk on the phone when you have company, that it was rude because you weren't spending time with the people that were there with you. Now, you'll see people sitting together both on a cellphone. It's quite comical and sad all mixed together.
  • yes i do. i don't even have a home phone and i know many that drop the home so not paying 2 bills.
  • NO. They are becoming a shortcut to the grave.
  • No. It's hardly a necessity to be at the world's beck and call at every moment of the day. Ask anybody who has dumped their cell phone if their life has improved or not. It's more an addiction than a necessity.
  • Neither. They are no longer a luxury because some people have chosen them as their only phone and not just an extra. It is very easy to live without one, therefore they are not a necessity. They are just a want or a choice, they have become common.
  • Yes, I rely on being driven to work and picked up, without a cell phone I can't inform my ride if there is a schedule change.
  • For many people they are a necessity, but I think they are more of a convenience for me. Unless of course calls are interrupting you all the time.
  • Given the lack of available payphones, I'd say they're more of a necessity now.
  • Wife and i resisted buying cellphones for several years. We did not want to get "caught-up" in the communication age. We finally broke down and purchased two cellphones, once our rotary dial home phones stopped working. Now, our cellphones are like a third arm. Never leave home without it!
  • yes.+5
  • It is my necessity.
  • I held out on getting one until I was forced to for my job. Now I panic when I can't find it or on the rare occasion that forget it at home. I think my wife and daughter or work or whoever might be trying to reach me urgently. Yep, it's a necessity.

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