• Get to an emergency room. Four hours is way too long to wait. Go now.
  • Really? Go see a doctor.. that's not good.
  • Stop sniffing cocaine. No, seriously, it sounds like you need to go to a hospital.
  • Go to the emergency room if the bleeding is heavy, or if you have other concerns like light-headedness, fever, blurry vision or headache. My mom used to place ice packs on the back of our necks and it would stop a bad nose bleed.
  • Pinch ur nose lean ur head forward get some ice wrap it in some tissue and put it on either side of your nostrils and pinch them together. And im the one who asked about the breeding rabbits do you have msn i really need to talk about them?
  • hospital time
  • its not clotting. you need to blow the crud out of your nose and start over. press your thumb on the side that is bleeding and just hold it there for awhile. after awhile when it doesnt drip, pull your thumb away and slowly breath through your nose. air helps clotting. thats what i do.
  • Try putting your head back and sitting still. If this persists, you have to see a specialist.
  • you may have a ruptured blood vessel or trouble with the blood not clotting you may need to see a quick care unit or ER
  • 4hrs? Stop picking ur nose man. Lean forward and pinch ur nose. Don't lean back cause all the blood will drain to your throat.
  • Go to the hospital! Why are you still on this site?! After 20 minutes dude, I woulda bloody phoned the CIA already.
  • Four hours of constant bleeding in any area is not good. Go to emergency, but you already know that. In your case, you need to be examined first. If you haven't bled to death, I hope you feel better. POINTS Are the nasal walls drying or did you have an injury?
  • put your nose under the faucet and run really cold water on top of it, careful that you don't get it into your nostrils. The cold water will coagulate the blood quickly and the bleeding will stop very soon.
  • Bag it and donate to your local hospital

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