• Put gloves on, just in case.
  • This is bizarre, never heard of it. I have heard of adult male cats killing the kittens sired by other males.
  • I have been around cats and kittens all my life and have never seen this happen. They may move them to keep them from being handled too much or if they are not satisfied where they are. Tom cats will eat newborn kittens tho.
  • yeah I heard that too! My cat just had baby kittens and I'm afraid to go anyware near them...I want to place the kittens and mama cat in a safe place...for now she has them in my back yard under our fence...I'm afraid that one of these days its gonna rain and the baby's will die! well any who I wonder how long you have to wait until you can touch them???
  • I heard that , but its not true . use gloves though and DONT feed them . The mother cat will reject a kitten that gets fed by someone else. I only heard on them eating them when they dont have enough teets, but that doesnt happen everytime. Its rare
  • it is just not true that animals will reject or eat their young because there is human scent on them, and just doesn't happen with domestic animals. It's a myth. Even birds don't do that. You CAN pick up a baby bird and place it back n it's nest. Dogs don't, cat's don't, it just doesn't happen. Mythbusters should do this one.
  • That is pure nonsense. While there are some cases where a mother cat kills the babies, it has nothing to do with human contact, especially with a fully domesticated house cat. Consult your vet for more information, or look at the many sites available on the internet. Here is a search list to get you started:
  • I've heard that but it is completely not true. Fisrt of all cats don't eat there young, they would choose to abandon them. We've have several litters of kittens and never had any problems. Only touch them if the mother is there to see it(it kind of freaks them out to come back and be able to tell something happened with their back turned) And don't really pick them up for a couple of weeks.
  • It's a vicious lie. Cats mark their young with a scent that comes out of their tear duct (this is why they rub their heads on stuff that is 'theirs', including their owners), but they don't reject their kittens (or owners) if they have different scents. The same is true for birds, except the tear-duct part.
  • Nonsense. I've touch many kittens and they weren't eaten. That's as crazy as the one about cats sucking the breath out of babies.
  • if the mother cat genuinely hates you or belives you are going to kill them anyway. cats are quite clever and i have seen cats look after each others kittens before, they didnt seem too bothered that they smelled like the other cat even if they started suckling. it got imposible to work out which kittens belonged to what cat because there were so many.
  • A cat just had kittens on my porch. She actually wouldn't let us leave her. She meowed like crazy for a while and then when we finally came out, she crawled into a carrier we put on the porch for cats to sleep in and then over a period of about two and a half hours, she had six kittens. I had to guard her and them until I could move them to the garage because there was a male lurking in the bushes wanting to kill them. I later went into my house and watched a program I have about cats and it never mentioned anything about the mother eating the babies if they are touched by humans. I actually heard they will open their eyes a day sooner and leave the nest box 3 days sooner if they are handled for 20 minutes daily for the first 30 days of life.
  • My cat had kitten's 2 days ago and she seems ok with me being there but only me, not even my son who is 5 , I think it actually scares her..So I have told him not to touch the or the could get sick!!! He thinks his a dad now and want to keep the 3 of them.... So right now we have Mother Snowball... Children: Spider puss, Patch, Sookie baby!!!Oh the Joys.....She is moms puss puss! We have had her for 3 year and she only got out 1 time when we moved to our new house! Well everyone I am so enjoying the kittens I could just sit and watch them all day only for work! Did I forget to mention she had them in the only place we tried keeping her out of and that was my dresser drawer!!! Oh my clothes!!! Hahaha But they are worth it! I promise!

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