• All taxes must be paid in full to the date of closing before a sale can take place, therefore, the bank that is selling you the home must have all the previously levied tax bills paid either before or at the closing. HOWEVER, you will probably have to pay some kind of pro-rated taxes at closing. That is normal and in no way reflects upon any "unpaid" taxes.
  • With the recent housing crisis in the United States, many investors have seized opportunities to increase their real estate profits through purchasing distressed properties. Many new investors have also discovered that they can obtain properties for less than their market value and realize an incredible profit by reselling them. However, it is by far better to invest in REO properties than it is to purchase real estate via short sale or foreclosure. There are tools which can give the investment value of any given property with ability to predict how much appreciation it achieves in the coming years. For more information look into
  • Anyone who wants to get the home by default.

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