• Yes it is amazing. thats great imagination too.
  • LOL, I didn't get it untill the thunder started....Very cool!
  • Rather clever, Shemarq, thanks for the find!
  • Not to rain on the parade and I find this video really cool, too! :) but there are instruments galore - - body percussion! It's been used in many compositions. Interestingly, for many years I've seen early childhood educators use this premise with children -- a 'hands-on,' so to speak, experience for "weather." Very cool. I like how this video/musicians have made the whole process ' adult and legit' in the musical auditorium - - I wonder if there were young children in the audience thinking, " Hey, I did that at school today! " :) Very fun question, Shemarq wears a funny COAT! +5 [ all I can give ]
  • It was interesting. The thunder part was unusual. I know a person who used to make a whistle out of a gum box. People come up with many ideas. Good link.
  • WOW. Just goes to show, we humans can make do with anything available. You have shown us a really beaut side of our lives here on Earth and I thank you for it.
  • 7-16-2017 Your link seems to have gone away, but here is one I found:

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