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  • Yeah, my life didn't only begin when my current relationship began. My past is a part of who and what i am. I acknowledge that and i have no issue with that :)
  • Yes, but mostly I think how lucky I am that I have my husband and that the other relationships didn't work out. I would probably be divorced from those other people now.
  • no when im done im done
  • Yes I have. I think it's important to look at where you were in the past versus where you are now. Knowing what parts of the past relationship worked and why and what didn't work and why can influence whether the current one can work. Looking back on an old relationship can also help you see if you are repeating bad choices.
  • Yup. Not usually a good idea. Unless you are saying how much better something is in the current relationship. +4
  • All the time. It is normal to compare the old with the new.
  • Of course. It's really the only way to learn from your mistakes and gauge what's important to you in a current relationship.
  • sometimes.
  • I have.. Who hasn't?
  • I found all nine ( as of now ) answers helpful -- regardless if the question is intended for a significant-other relationship or a relationship of any kind. Thank you to all. +5
  • My friend always tells me how shes with one person but thinks about another person she went out with. She relized she really needed to stop comparing them to eachother!
  • I think of it quite often. He played somewhat a huge role in my life. I cant say it was good, but I havta focus now on what Im going to do on the future. I think about it cuz I recieve letters from him, hes the donor of my daughter, and I see certain things on TV that remind me of him. I dont think of him lovingly, or wantingly...Its just at times I think about certain times, and the situation we were in tryin to figure him out.
  • Yes I tend to do that to some degree. You have to realize why it ended and try not to make the same mistakes this time around. My husband is a better fit for me then any of my ex's and i appreciate that.
  • Often. But I don't compare it with the relationship I have now. I just like to revisit them in my mind and think "they were the days" I am though extremely satisfied with the relationship I have now. I've been with mrs dirty-ninja for over 20 years :)
  • Oh, yes, and I think it is sometimes helpful. All but one of my past relationships are over because of a reason, mostly not worth it. I want to make sure the current one is special or I need to move on. +3
  • yes sometimes thoughts or memories come back.

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