• It would seem so!
  • Right now? No. But we've got 3.6 years to find out.
  • its not really about his performance its about america and the thoughts of america and the strength of the opposition, and right now the GOP is very very weak so yes, i do believe he will win again
  • I dont think so the democrats are already starting to think "OMG what have we done " since the added trillions added to the national debt due to his stimulis and now there actually taking their time reading his healthcare plan he tried to rush right thru even CNN reported that his approval numbers are slipping and he better start to turn things around soon . i dont see that happening so in the next election i dont even think he will win his partys primary .we shall all have to wait n see .
  • Based on everything I've seen so far, the good and the bad, I'd say yes he'll be elected to a well deserved second term.
  • I will not judge a man with 90% of his job left to go and those who try to do so are jackasses either way
  • NO! Obama is a 1 term PUPPET. Only placed in power to calm the American public down. The next President for 2012 will be a Woman. Another tactic used by the Elites to trick American not to protest against the Govt. Because of the economy and current crises. I say either Hillary or even Palin will be the next puppet in power. We haven't had a real election for a long time. 2000-2004 were stolen. 2008, we didn't really have any options.. Obama or a nutcase. McCain.
  • It could go either way. There are many open questions and we don't even yet know what other questions there might be. As it is right now his approval rating is down, he promised changed but so far we've only see politics as usual. Not a surprise, he could not have known what it was really like until he was there.... So, the jury is out. We shall see.
  • I hope so, just so everyone that doesn't believe in him does see somewhat of a change. It all takes time. Answer bag seems very conservative to me.
  • Most likely.
  • Who the hell knows? To anybody that's paying attention, he's just the same as Bush only he can speak English and I seriously doubt that he'll drive out the same numbers as the first time but then, again, he'll be going against a Republican who'll be same old, same old... So, shit, now that I've totally depressed myself, I better go have a beer or two or a six pack!
  • It doesn't matter, because they will make us choose the puppet on the left or the puppet on the right again, like they always do, and their agenda doesn't change ... but the American people are waking up more and more, every single day. Obamas approval/disapproval ratings: He went in with his approval rating higher than almost any other president, but his approval rating has gone down and his disapproval rating has gone up (both in record time), so if this trend continues, no. People voted for him because he represented a repudiation of bush, but since his election victory he has performed 180's on just about everything he said, and resembles bush in more ways than he contradicts. I voted for Obama in 2008... I will be voting for Ron Paul or Denis Kucinich in 2012.
  • I don't really care about next term, hell when is he going to start giving us what he promised? at no other job can you make that kind of money and keep saying OH it takes time.. WHAT? STOP TRAVELING AND GET YOUR JOB DONE..
  • I hope Pa;in runs. I need a good laugh.
  • Yes, the economy is already starting to improve, and if his health care reform goes through, every one is going to love him, hes doing more for the worker and the average joe than the republicans ever did, and unlike them actually cares about the poor. He will be elected to a second term.
  • It is too early to answer that question. Let's wait until late 2011 and we may get a better picture.
  • Sure do hope not...I'll be working hard to insure he's a one-term mistake.
  • I’m bisexual. Gay equality would now be the law of the land if it hadn’t been for a morally bankrupt son of a hat makers assistant who was a Democrat. I did vote for Pres. Obama mainly because the genetic defectives at the RNC felt it necessary to pander to the hate filled illiterates at Focus on the Family. Based on his performance this far after his first term he should crawl back to Chicago in shame. But he won’t and I’ll vote for him yet again because the RNC will run another far right religious zealot.
  • I truly hope so!
  • I hope not. He is already a big mistake.
  • It is debateable as to the certainty of his performance as having anything to do with it.
  • No. His approval rating is slightly under 50%, and has dipped to 45 % recently. He needs to rebuild popular support to get reelected.

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