• It is a weird chirping sound.. I can't imitate it either, and it definitely isn't easy to type out! I'm not sure why it happens. My cat does it when she sees a bird outside, or a bug, or is chasing a bug in the house. I think it's just their "hunting" noise. Here's some interesting information on cat sounds.
  • My cat does that too, and I read that it's the kitty imitating birds to try and get them to come closer. Apparently it's something cats don't often do in front of people. Although, saying that, my cat does it when she's climbing on our bed at night, so she either thinks we're birds, or is a bit dim. here's some more info:
  • he's "chattering" and its a lemme get 'em type noise they make when they're hunting
  • It's definitely a chattering noise. Like so many other things cats do, why they do it isn't clearly understood, except that it's related to hunting. Personally, I think it's a good, stealthy way to communicate to other cats without mewing, which might scare off the prey. In any case, it's great to watch.
  • When your cat makes that sound they are trying to size their mouth to eat the bird when they get a chance. That sound is a sort of war cry/excitment/ warning...however you want to see it they are preparing to eat the bird.
  • My cat does that to. She is getting excited because she sees birds or bugs and wants to get them to eat them. sometimes she gets them,the bugs only though,she is very satified with herself after she eats them. it has to do with hunting.
  • Cats make both the chattering sound and the chirruping sound, and they are related to hunting, recent suggestions are that it is preperatory for the killing bite.
  • One of my cats does this and the other doesn't. My large fat tabby chitters away at a bird or, even better, a squirrel. Once the squirrel was just a few feet away, on a branch just ouside the window, saying "nyah nyah" in Squirrel, and Guinness the cat nearly went mad.
  • hiya, my cat makes two seperate noises, one is a chattering noise, which she does when she sees birds in the garden, the other noise is almost like a chirp, this noise is associated with being happy when she cuddles upto you, she sleeps on my pillow at night, rubs her face up against my face and chirps.
  • Its a hunting reflex,its built in,they sound weird when they do that.
  • Yeah my Sadie does that 2 it's so cute!
  • Yeah my cat does that at anything that flies, including flies. His mouth vibrates when he meows, like he's really cold or something, haha
  • Its a sound they do to mimmick the fatal bite they want to do to their prey. Apparently they are so excited about being able to do this that they cant help themselves but do it anyway!
  • like a stuttering, drooling thing - they are just so excited
  • thanks so much for these answers, i thought i seriously had the most weird cat in the world!
  • Supposedly it is a way for the cat to make themselves sound friendly and less threatening to the birds so that they come nearer. At least that's what my sister's cat's vet said.
  • I don't think anybody knows. But most cats will do this. Some make really strange noises, that sound almost reptilian.
  • I know the sound. It's kind of like desperation and anxiety. She wants to hunt the birds, but can't have them, so her anxiety is manifested in that noise. I call that kitty curses. It looks like this:
  • maybe he enjoys watching them
  • Your cat was a bluejay in a previous life.
  • Its not weird, millions of cats do it. Its part of their hunting instinct. Its cute and normal.
  • maybe shes excited to see them

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