• Yes. The neighborhood I live in is very safe. Of course Id still take a can of mace or something just in case.
  • Yep. I live in a nice little suburb. My old apartment, not so much. I lived on the edge of the bad part of town and I could literally hear shots and cop sirens all night long. THANK GOD I MOVED!
  • I live 1 1/2 hours from the city in a rural area ... the only thing that is likely to attack in the street at 10pm is a wondering bull or an agro kangaroo ...
  • As long as its my street, yes, I often babysit in my neighborhood after 10 and have to walk home.
  • No. I live in el paso i could be kidnapped and sold in the white slave trade.
  • Yes. I wander through the neighborhood after 10pm almost every night, and I almost always feel safe. It's not that I live in a particularly safe neighborhood, quite the opposite in fact. But I know the streets around my house like the back of my hand, so I'm very comfortable walking down them at any time of night.
  • No, not even in my own gated community. We have had auto break-ins, myself included. The last thing I want to do is walk up on someone who is burglarizing a car.
  • i can but i still prefer not to do it depending on what keep-site im in
  • NO...even if the neighborhood is considered "safe" it can be visited by someone who does not live there. I would not feel absolutely safe even if I were walking back and forth in front of a police station. Too much to be afraid of these days.
  • I don't feel safe walking down a street after 10pm. But still do it, has to be done when coming home late sometimes.
  • Yes. I live in a small, rural town and all the people on my street are at least 50 or older. My street is also a dead end street outside of city limits. So we don't get much traffic. I could let my kids walk down our street after 10pm and know they are safe. I like that about where I live.
  • I definately feel safe in my neighborhood, but just a few blocks down at the edge of Belltown, I start to feel pretty creeped out. I used to work 3rd shift and I wouldnt usually get out of work until around 12, and I hated taking the bus home at night. But for whatever reason my area feels really safe.
  • You must be joking, not where I live.
  • I think so. It's not so bad round here. If it were just a short walk, yeah.
  • It really depends upon which streets you walk down. I live in the country & know most of my neighbors, but I wouldn't feel safe walking downtown anymore.
  • Yes, its always kind of busy around here. I enjoy it though, its a rich community. But sadly i don't really feel safe anywhere...
  • I live on a gravel road. Not to many people come down it, and the only thing I would be afraid of are coyotes, panthers, opossums, skunks, my neighbor's pit bulls, and a certain crazed owl that likes to fly at people's heads.
  • The only things I would be afraid of are bears and mountain lions. Also, the dark. Can't wait for summer when it stays light til after 10 pm :)
  • Oh, yeah, they roll up the sidewalks here at 9:30!
  • Very safe, I lived in very bad neighbourhoods where 2PM was bad, now I feel safe arround the clock.
  • yeah, I can but I wont
  • not sure since i dont do it
  • When I lived in Texas, I had a carry conceal permit and always felt safe. In Canada in the neighborhood I live , I do not even feel save in daylight LOL. I am trying to save my money to get of of this shit hole.
  • There is no place in the world that is safe. Unless its a deserted island, even then you have to worry about pirates. Not safe in the house, out of the house, no place on earth that is safe. No matter what it might seem like at the moment. Safety is a delusion.
  • Yep, it is totally safe. All we hear are crickets chirping at night.

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