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  • I think weed stays in your system for like 3 months man...bad move.
  • To the Brig!
  • Your superman they can't draw blood from you
  • Weed stays in your system for 30 days so, what happens if you fail?
  • Detox again or go to the local Smoke Accessories shop and ask them what they recommend. Or hide a vial of clean pee on you when you take your test.
  • use green tee drink it constantly and find things to boost your metabolism this will burn fat quicker where it is stored and flush it out of your system faster. here our some links: NEXT! Drink as much water as you can the day of your test drink and drink till your feeling sick! The kidneys stop flushing out toxins and can only focus on the water but your urine will be clear (pure water) so you must take some vitamin B Complex that will turn your urine yellow. Do this about 2 hours before the test.
  • You can kiss your Military career Goodbye.
  • you are fucked. have you been sworn in yet? If no, ask for extension for enterance. get clean and stay clean or get discharged and have a dishonorable discharge
  • You should tell the army that someone dosed you with weed cake without your knowledge. Tell them that you ate the cake offered to you, and that everything seemed normal, but once you finished eating it, everyone started laughing at you and you didn't know why. Then you felt strange for a while and they told you there was weed in the cake. You freaked out about it and slept for 12 hours later that night. If they ask you who the people were, tell them that they were some normal seeming people you met in the park. If they ask for their names, only give a couple first names. They might let you off if you stick to your story.

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