• I have never, ever done that and never will. My sister-in-law did that to our kids all the time and it wasn't quite as funny as she thought it was.
  • It's funny you should ask! When my daughter was a 2nd grader, she wanted Bop-It. It was so annoying, I hid the darn thing on top of my China cabinet. I sold it at a garage sale when she went left the house. Recently, my now 22-year-old bought my grandaughter one from a garage sale and they played with it while I was driving my SUV heading toward the next G-sale. I forgot how much I hated Bop-It! LOL! I kept telling them to turn it off as it was once again driving me crazy but they didn't bother until I pulled over to the side of the road and attempted to grab it with the threat of tossing it out into the field! Good question! +5
  • those lawnmower toys with the balls that make sweet
  • Unintentionally. I later heard from the parents about how much noise the toys made and how annoying they are. Toy trucks that make noises and something else that played songs.
  • My in-laws used to buy noisy toys for my kids all the time. And wouldn't you know it, those are the toys they always took with them when they went to stay at grandma and grandpa's house with them. :-)
  • A drum set to my nephew. Any aunt/uncle that hasn't is really missing out. Make your niece/nephew happy and piss of your sibling...Priceless.
  • we took my boyfriends sister shopping once, sent her home with a flute, and one of those piano things that you bang with a stick, i dunno what it is called haha funny stuff
  • ROTFL--yes, of ex-sister-in-law and I used to "compete" to see who could come up with the most obnoxious gifts...she won, unfortunately...she topped my fingerpaints and playdough for her preschoolers with a battery-operated keyboard, the lowest volume setting of which was approximately the decibal level of an air force batteries disappeared after 2 days, and the organ after 2
  • I think all kids should be allowed to make music and art. I bought my own kids instruments and art supplies and am doing the same for my grand kids. Whistles, drums, guitars, paints, name it. Create! Howl at the moon! Oh, maybe parents would be less annoyed by kids making noise if they participated with their kids instead of wanting them to be quiet.
  • Oh, yes! I took my nephew to the mall one day and he got hooked on this rubber chicken that made the most annoying sound...of course, I bought it for him! That, was 4 years ago and I still hear about it from my sister. I don't think she made it 2 days before she threw that thing out.
  • I've threatened to many a time but I never could do it cause the one I threatened said she would pay me back with play-doh and tell them they could play with in my living room on the carpet...I hushed up and bought her daughter a dollbaby instead =)
  • I bought the drum set and showed it to the parents. Looks on their faces, when they saw it? Priceless.Then I returned it to the store.
  • Oh, yes. It was called "Popcorn". Big plastic dome, battery operated w/plastic marbles....I don't even remember the point of the game. Anyway, WE (my hsb & I) innocently gave it to our niece when she was about 4-5 yrs old. WE got it back when our daughter was about 4-5 yrs old. We then gave it to our nephew (different sibling) when he was about 4-5 yrs old. I think they finally broke it or threw it away. (this spanned about 12 yrs ttl) It was the funniest thing because we each had forgotten about the dang thing, until one of us rec'd it. That was the loudest, irritating toy!! But no one could get rid of it right away because the children absolutely LOVED it!!
  • Yes, I gave my grandson this musical toy that made alot of noise. After I bought it, he kept on playing this thing over and over again. I made me mad, and I was glad when they were leaving with this toy! (I bet my daughter was mad too!)
  • Never given, but received Hungry Hungry Hippos game as a child. Anyone who remembers this game will understand that it lasted all of 10 minutes in our house!

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