• thats exactly what it is, not to be too mean to them, but they are just assuming whats going to be in the bill based on what obama has said
  • You got it!
  • Excellent point +4
  • Great point. Rush has never been concerned with getting his facts straight.
  • That's pretty much what the Republican party is all about.
  • Funny I was able to find it over a thousand pages to.
  • That's funny, cause 1100 pages of it was on CSPAN last night.
  • Not knowing the truth of a situation and talking about it anyway is a hallmark of both Rush and the GOP talking heads.
  • Obama said he wasn't familuar with certain parts. This implies there is something out there to read. Rush and the GOP may not research everything, but it would seem the PRES would be familuar with it all or have simply said, "I don't knwo what your talking about, the bill hasn't been writen yet."
  • WHAT? that is utterly,stupidity ,on your part,sir.....its just has to make it through, God Forbid... now, who is typically fear mongering and spreading propaganda???:)
  • I don't think it is as much that they don't know what is in it but that they state things as in the bill that they are assuming is a natural next step to what is in the bill. I have also seen some pretty negative statements made on blogs that reference the bill and make incorrect claims of what is contained. For example there are some peopel that have read the section on grandfathering existing coverage to mean that you could never again get private coverage.
  • Well, I think Rush himself said at one point that he would do everything he could to undermine the current administration for the greater good of the country, or whatever it is he sees as the greater good. Maybe the other Reps dig his groove.
  • You just put Rush in that question and you have to ask?
  • Just this morning, one reporter discovered that a certain assertion concerning that private insurance would be banned- was a lie. But liars never apologise.
  • So, where do you get your misinformation that the bill hasn't been written yet, huh? If it wasn't written yet then it wouldn't be in front of congress to be passed, and you think Rush and the GOP is dumb, you're an idiot. Thank god for Rush, Hannity, Beck, O'Reilly, Lavin and others like them. They're the ones that's telling the truth about Bozo Obama and his group of loons that's destroying America. You need to wake up, get your head out of the sand and see what's going on around you. The fear mongering and propaganda is coming from Obama and the left wing liberal loons and Rush, Hannity, Beck, O'Reilly, Lavin are telling America the truth about it and it looks like you don't want to hear the truth. What are you afraid of? The truth won't hurt you, it could set you free. Are you still drunk from drinking all of that Obama kool-ade? It sure looks like it. Sober up and you might learn something. Or are you also afraid of learning?

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