• To distract drivers and add to the chaos. Ever notice that there's often more then one memorial in any given spot?
  • I've lived in the Southwest most of my life and they are common here, usually a cross marks the spot, called a descano. Personally, I think that billboard photos of the tangled car(s) and body(ies) would serve a better purpose ~ wake people up and slow them down. A little cross and flowers will never do that.
  • The same reason you pull your auto over to the right side of the curb when a funeral passes. Its called respect.
  • 1) As a memorial to their family member or friend who died at that spot. 2) As a reminder to other drivers that someone died at that spot. Many of them are nowhere near an intersection, so either someone fell asleep, got drunk, was speeding, etc., and had or caused an accident that killed someone. They are no more distracting to drivers than any other sign along the road, and much LESS distracting than eating or talking on the phone while driving.

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