• He died a drug addict, I'm not sure which denumination.
  • I dunno but I think you mean Denomination not Denumination.
  • You will find this statement on Pastor Andrae Crouches FB page...He and his choir sang backup on Michael's songs, like Man in the Mirror..Will You Be There.....and help arrange others. Andrae' has now told Clifton Davis (when he saw him at MJ's family funeral on Sept. 4) that he is "confident that Michael Jackson knew the Lord." This was reported by Clifton on TBN's "Praise The Lord" on 9/8/09, Tuesday night to the world.
  • He must have died a priest, since he passed the kiddie fiddling exams. dunno wot denumination.
  • He was not a Christian. That said, he wasn't a drug addict either, as proven by his autopsy. As for the trials, Michael's 'accusers' BOTH had parents with documented criminal histories of fraud and extortion in their past.

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