• no, i wish, i live in an apt
  • 8-30-2017 No, not exactly. My father built a little house on the back of the lot, and then built a real house on the front. That was quite common in the fifties. So the house has always been paid for. At some point the property was signed over to #3 brother so he could pay the taxes, and he did some income tax tricks to make that a fair deal for him. When Mom died he considered selling the house, but nobody wants to live here since the freeway cut off all the traffic. He tried to give it to various family units and we all said "Ho hum" except #2 brother who just happened to be retiring at the time and appreciated a house that would only cost the taxes, even if it's in a dead town. So he lives in the front house and I live in the back house, and electricity is my only expense. But I'm not the owner.

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