• I try to on here! If you value your fb!
  • i love to argue about both. their actually my favorite types of debates.
  • Yes. If I get too angry I start murdering people and it really is a mess to clean up.
  • Mostly,yes.*+++++*
  • For the most part. I generally try to state my position (or the Bible's) to the best of my ability without getting into a heated argument about it. I think I'm usually successful but often people try to drag me into pointless debates.
  • nope. I don't really give a damn either. it's just funny to see people get their panties twisted over shit that cannot be proven.
  • I'm sure there are lots of people that wish I did.
  • Nope! I welcome them.
  • It depends on how much of a prick the person I would have to debate is, and whether I know or care much about the political or religious thing at issue.
  • I usually do, yes.
  • I don't mind political debates so much because I find most of the time that I can at least agree to disagree with most people without it getting into name calling. Religious debates however I tend to shy away from as most of the debates I find myself in are not does God exist or along those lines but I usually find myself drawn into debates with dumb closed minded ignorant evangelicals who think every Church who doesn't interpret the bible exactly as they do is a cult There is no sense debating these people because they refuse to see any common ground. Their only objective is to prove that you aren't Christian because of this or because of that and they refuse to listen to any logical reason. Jesus Christ himself could stand before them and tell them that the religion they are claiming to be a cult is a Christian faith who follows him and his teachings and they would still find a reason to label it a cult. Therefore I try and stay away from religious debates.
  • I'm drawn to them like a moth to a flame!
  • I love to engage in them PROVIDED the person I speak with can remain logical and calm, and not take everything I say as an assault on his/her views. The moment it starts to get personal for them or they resort to personal attacks and the such its time for a new topic, lol.
  • I will always portray my side of the debsate and try to back my theory with good answers. I love debates!
  • I did join the debates when I first joined AB. It didn't take long to find out that most don't want debate, they only want agreement. Now, I just try to ignore them. . After posting an answer to a political question, someone actually wrote in the comments, "No body wants your opinion". Here I thought that AB was about sharing opinions. Silly, silly me.
  • I Pick and Choose.
  • Yes,too heated and then this German/Irish personality comes out in full force,better to keep a lower profile and seek debate elsewhere.
  • Alas, no.
  • Yes because those are topics that a lot of people can be VERY passionate about and are willing to kill you over (maybe even literally) if you disagree with them?

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