• Why would you argue with an idiot in the first place? That's the real question.
  • No, I've noticed that *he tries* to drag me down to his level then *tries* to beat me with his ignorance and rhetoric. There is not much substance to his argument, and he becomes enraged so easily that he loses sight of the original discussion. I win. ;-)
  • Thats when I realize I am arguing with an idiot, and walk away.
  • I. . . . .DON'T. . . . .argue with idiots. It's a total waste of my time!
  • That's true. I would probably lose in a cat fight since I don't know how to fight that way.
  • LOl. That is a pretty accurate assessment of how the answerbag comments threads work. I have had occasion to notice this tactic expertly used by some ABers to my exasperation and to their delight. LMBO. I can't stop laughing at your candid statement of a keenly observed fact of human behavioral pattern in answerbag comment threads. Lollll,
  • I have... How many times have we argued? :-) Just kidding...+5
  • Many of them are pretty sharp. They just aren't educated and are ignorant. An idiot doesn't have the intelligence to argue and beat you with experience. They can't do the reasoning. Sometimes the intelligent person is the ignorant person who acts and predicts based on unproven theory. How about that one? You will note that many simple pronouncements do not take in all possible contingencies. LOL
  • An experience idiot.. I wonder how many put that on job applications.. No wait.. I already know because they often use crayons.. That ACTUALLY happens. Amazing isn't it?
  • LOL, it's true though. He's experienced at being an idiot so in idiot realms he has one up on you. It's easy to frustrate an idiot though, just don't stoop i.e ignore him and he'll be so pissed.
  • Actually stupidity takes practice,
  • I notice they all try to drag you down exactly so they can beat you with experience. I don't stoop. When they start the delibertly obtuse, talking in circles, the scatter f**k technique or making personal attacks I refuse to follow their lead.
  • I usually walk away [or Unsubscribe] when that starts to happen. I don't feel the need to expend my energy on a pointless endeavor.
  • I don't argue with anyone. We either discuss or I leave. So I never have to deal with being dragged down by others. :)

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