• I believe the pink and grey is an antibiotic. and so is the blue.
  • Don't you think it would be smart to call a pharmacy and ask?
  • both are antibotics the rx693 is also prescribed to teenages for acne
  • This pill with imprint "DAN 5708 DAN 5708" is Gray & Pink, Capsule-shape and has been identified as Clindamycin hydrochloride 150 mg. It is supplied by Watson Pharmaceuticals. Clindamycin is used in the treatment of bacterial vaginitis; bacterial infection; skin or soft tissue infection; sinusitis; deep neck infection (and more), and belongs to the drug class lincomycin derivatives. There is no proven risk in humans during pregnancy. Clindamycin 150 mg is not a controlled substance under the Controlled Substance Act (CSA).
  • Just type those numbers into your internet browser and the drug will come up
  • Take them and see what happens. Then you'll know.

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