• You just haven't found the right girl yet. If I hadn't already found a fella just like what you describe, I'd be on the market!
  • Yes! thats the same thing i was saying as well. Im the romantic type also but most of these women confuse me these days
  • I would love a romantic guy!
  • I love romantic guys. I live for that sort of treatment -- I love it when my boyfriend buys be roses for no reason :) Keep looking. Everything happens for a reason :)
  • Thanks.I need to find some more women like you.
  • I smell an agenda all over this... RUN GIRLS, RUN LIKE THE WIND!
  • U kidding? That's what I'm looking for... Unfortunatelly some girls are dumb enough to be with men that don't treat them well. But sooner or later they will figure out that what they want is someone like you who treats them like they deserve. And I'm sure you will find a great girl who loves you soon. Best of Luck!
  • There will always be women who like romantic guys.
  • Dont listen to people who say you havent found the right girl yet, cuz she doesnt exist! Girls like the abusive jerk over the nice selfless guy, its a known fact. Just look up the phrase "nice guy finishes last" on google, and youll see what im talking about. Women say they like the romantic guy, but its all a lie, they just want a jerk, because they are "exciting".
  • what woman doesn't like romantic guys?
  • I feel the same way. I'm young yet I'm romantic for my age, and it gets me mad that all these girls go for men that treat them like crap. Girls these days just confuse me.
  • DISCLAIMER: Forget it. Disclaimers are for chickenshits. When I was in my late teens and early twenties, it seemed only older women liked romantic guys. Women my age were into good looks, having fun, heroic types, and bad boys. Inn late high school and throughout college the heroes and bad boys were in great demand and this caused them to develop narcissistic qualities. They played the field flamboyantly unless they were attached to an extremely self assertive woman -- which was rare. There's a whole anthropological theory on young women's attraction to risk takers and bad boys that is very interesting. As they approached child-bearing age, they still went for looks, but stability became more important, and fun was still in demand. The bad boy thing fell by the wayside after about 25 unless alcohol was involved. However, I did notice some women that hadn't become assertive yet, insecure, poor self esteem, that were putting up with way too much shit for stability. College would have helped them in many departments. In the early thirties, a demand for intelligence began to emerge, fun was still there, and an increased demand for sexual finesse that I hadn't noticed before. In the mid thirties I noticed broader sexual tastes among the vanilla crowd. Experimentation. I also noticed that the crazier the woman, the better the sex, but you can end up in all sorts of shit pursuing this. Stalkers come to mind. This strain runs through all ages, but they often die young if they don;t slow down. In their forties, most women I know have a marked increase in sexual appetite stimulated by intelligence that I think they interpret as romantic. Looks are always helpful of course, but intelligence/romance seems to be more important, I don't know of many women that would put up with a handsome bimbo for long. And maybe a demand for a a little bad boy has re-emerged, but mostly in the bedroom, though. And fun. Always fun. Girls just wanna have fun. I found, above all, that trying to figure out women is not just confusing, it can be fatal. Many a man thought he had discovered the master key to the heavenly orchid only to have a true Goddess melt his wings with her heat vision and calmly watch as he crashed to earth like Daedalus seduced by false immortality. They are and always will be a mystery to me. And that's just fine. I just want to keep flying.
  • A lot of women still prefer romance. It is just a matter of availability of the right guys and how long they are willing to wait and/or to search for one. In the end, many women settle the fast food variety of love as opposed to the sit down candlelight kind.
  • Most women have low self-esteem. Those girls choose to be treated like trash because it's more important to make other women jealous of them than it is to enjoy their own life.
  • they like the romantic guys but they dont like to be smotherd.. they also want a guy who is very manly also. so they want a guy with even attributes
  • My boyfriend is super romantic and it's great. At the beginning of our relationship he would serenade me at the end of each date. He was a little out of tune, but that made it even more adorable. He also formally asked me out with flowers and a description of all the things he liked about me. <3 it really makes a gal feel good!
  • Very true over hear, in-fact it's a common case me and my friend see, were selfless, yet all the girls go for is the looks where I'm at. It's sad because they always end up hurt, and that's troubling to see. I've heard a theory that some women like "bad boys" because they feel special because there (sometimes) treated nice by the guy. Where in the case of the nice guy, were nice to everybody, so the special feeling isn't there. That's what I've heard, but hey I'd rather be a nice guy and a romanticist that takes values in the little things rather than be something horrible just to get a girl.
  • Low self esteem women are the ones who go for the verbally abusive "boys" but real women love a romantic man my husband used to be a flower giver real romantic but needless to say he has gotten comfortable in our relationship. BUMMER
  • Give a woman some breathing room. She needs time to think. You can't shower her with flowers and champagne every day. It forces her into a corner and makes her feel obligated. (I.e. Too much pressure!) And women don't like being treated like trash and verbally abused. They just don't know any better. It's called being naive/ignorant. That's why it always happens to the younger women. They have no idea that there's something better. That's all.
  • Yes, many women will appreciate you.

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