• I would say the American tourists look the very same to the French hotel owners,and restaurant servers,when they visit that country.Hotel owners should be happy to get clients as long as they are in business to serve.I would also be quite a generalization.
  • No it does not surprise me at all.
  • I've been oversea many times, and I've seen fellow Americans displaying the same behavior. We're just better at pointing fingers.
  • Nothing like that really surprises me anymore. Everyone has their own opinions about others.
  • Not really, since everyone that I have ever known that went to France has told me how arrogant and intolerant they are of foreigners.
  • I shall say one thing for the French tourists, you don`t have to lock up your daughters when they are around. No you have to lock up your livestock.
  • I think the French people have a inferiority complex when it comes to the rest of the world. They need to lighten up!
  • I think that there are good and bad tourists in any culture, just as there are good and bad people in all walks of life. It is unfair to rate a large group of people with a sweeping generalization, calling them "the worst".
  • Why would you say such a negative, horrid thing about a whole race of people. I'm surprised at you.
  • no it does not surprise me one little bit and I am afraid many French fit the image to a tee, and yes I have met a great many French people over my lifetime if your wondering
  • No because french people are real night people and they make a lot of noise deep in the night.
  • Don't you mean the British? They are 1000 times worse than the French. And what foreign language do most of the Bristish know? Most of the time they are drunk and disorderly and having sex on the beach! I have always thought of the French as being well-behaved and far more sophisticated in comparison. And the French do not have a monopoly on arrogance. They may have their idiosyncracies, but, come on, don't we all?
  • Yes. I would rate the Germans as worst, with the British not far behind. They also holiday and travel abroad far more than the French.
  • Maybe the guys who did the survey have a bias against these people.I have some real great French friends and believe me every country has some queer types so we cannot generalize.
  • No, as I have a friend who isn't xenophobic at all who recently spent a bit of time there during a holiday, and came home ranting about how unfriendly, arrogant and unhelpful the people there were.

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