• Well, in the UK at least, it normally takes a couple of days longer to get to the address, and then the person receiving the letter has to pay for the postage.
  • In the US, it is delivered to the return address, or if one is not specified, the letter is discarded.
  • If there is a return address, it is returned for postage. If there is not a return address, the postage due is attempted to be collected from the addressee. If the addressee refuses to pay it, then it goes to the dead letter office. Here it is opened (the only place in the US Postal Service where employees have the right to open a letter). If there is anything inside identifying the sender, such as a check, then it will be returned to the sender, postage due. If there is no identifying information, then it is destroyed.
  • I'am trying to get the answer. What do i need to do to get the answer?
  • When I received a letter without a stamp they made me pay the postage before they would give me the letter.
  • Well.....having the criminal mind that I do.....You can put the recipient's name on the return sender portion of the envelope, put it in the mail with no stamp and the letter will arrive postage free. Tough way to save thirty some cents though.
    • Thinker
      30 cents! when was the last time you mailed a letter? The last letter I sent was 48 cents at the post office.
  • It will go back to the sender
  • It gets sent anonymously to a house in Siberia.
    • Linda Joy

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