• A. The person is displaced by the circle's diameter -- the length of a straight line connecting the initial and final locations equals the diameter. B. If C is circumference & D is diameter then C = pi*D (definition of pi) Half of C = etc. FIO C. Zero. Make sense?
  • Displacement is a vector, its the measure of the shortest path connecting two locations. Displacement is really just an answer to the question "how far has it / we gone?". The Initial and final positions of the object / person are the only important consideration for measuring magnitude of displacement. A) If a person walked half a circle then the shortest distance between their starting point and their finishing point would measure the same length as the circles diameter (thats twice the radius). 2 * r = ___ meters B) The total distance the person actually walked would equal half of the total circumference. (2 * 3.14 * r) / 2 = ___ meter C) If in the end the circular path is completed then the person would be standing in the same place they started. In this case their displacement would equal zero.
  • Thank you everyone!

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