• if she knows she has kids to feed it would seem that would be the motivator to do a good job. if i am unhappy with service i leave a penny so they know i did not forget but that they screwed up royally. if i am impressed i have been known to leave a 10 for just getting me a cup of coffee.
  • A tip is always voluntary although it is important to remember that restaurant wages assume there will be tips and are thus allowed to be lower than the minimum wage. . 10% is low, 15% is 'right' and 20% or more is 'good'. Short of hostile service ten percent seems reasonable for bad service.
  • I would say you are not obligated to leave the tip but it would be a nice thing to do.
  • kids or not, she still needs to earn her money by giving good service.
  • Nope, Sorry for her either she is good at what she does or get another job.
  • No. A tip is voluntary and EARNED. One of the reasons I work hard at doing my job well, in addition to that being my own work ethic, is because I have a family to support. If her family is that important to her, she will work for her money just like I do.
  • Nobody should be paid just because they got kids. A paycheck and tips have to be earned. I was a single mom for 10 years and I had a full time job, plus a part time job that I would do sometimes when I needed extra money. I worked hard to earn that money, it wasn't just handed to me.
  • No. Leave NOTHING if service is bad. Otherwise the entire tip system fails because of your actions.
  • I dunno. I never get her curriculum vitae, so it's usually 15%, no? ;-)
  • NO. We all have different jobs that we might not like & each require us to do or say things we may not like at all but we suck it up to earn a paycheck for the kids. The ones we love. A waitress is no different. I try to be very fair but the money i make was not pity money so why should i spend mine to give it away for bad service?
  • Why reward bad service? Bad service deserves minimal tip. I would never give less than 10% but when I get good service I am very generous. Happy Wednesday machinerat! I have never stiffed a waitress, no matter how awful the service was. Now, if I got a waitress who was rude or insulting I'd definitely make an exception but so far I haven't encountered one...just a waitress here and there who gets the order wrong, forgets to bring coffee, more cream, whatever. :)
  • She's a waitress. If she gives bad service, she shouldn't get a tip. And to be honest, she'd have to do something pretty horrendous to give what I'd consider 'bad service'. I'm not one to make a fuss, and as long as I get my food I'm happy.
  • Tips have to be EARNED, full stop.
  • No, the waitress knows her tips are contingent on great service.
  • Hells no, if she gives bad service, she gets a bad tip!!! If she wants to do right by her kids, she should learn how to give good service. Easy as that!!!
  • as with any other and bonus and tips are EARNED....i just tend to them more,especially if service was good.....good waitresses do work hard and earn very little......i always put myself in their shoes....and i would appreciate the 'thoughtfulness'
  • HELL NO. A better waitress might also have kids to feed and may keep that in mind while serving a customer. The money you spend on the bad mom / waitress' tip could go to the better mom / waitress next time.
  • If she's so concerned about her children, then she should do what she can by doing the best job possible. To give the bad service the full tip is an insult to those who give great or par service.

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