• According to Wikipedia, neither one is in the game. Both are either myths or cases of mistaken identity:
  • These myths came about after people who purchased the CD took Rockstar seriously when they had written 'thanks to big foot'. GTA:SA is more of a reality game rather than a magical fairytale. Get my point??
  • Well most people say its a myth but my friend told me he ran into bigfoot in the mountains and its suppose to be once in a life time thing and he said it doesnt even look like bigfoot it looks like a yetti but im not entirely sure and as for leather face im not so sure about that ill have to check on it.
  • Neither are in the game. UFOs/Aliens were also "in" the game but people just photoshopped pictures in on their computers.
  • there iz a bigfoot and a ufo because i happend to see both.
  • a large amount of fans say they have had encounters with them on the game, Rockstar announced there is NO bigfoot but there is something in the forest and rockstar admitted that the manhunt character pigsy also is in the game, where is unknown although there is a toy of pigsy in zeros shop...mabe this is what the rockstar officals emplied?
  • He is in the game only for PS2 because i found him myself and for the computer that is jest a MOD!!! (HINT):if you have gta for PS2 you can find bigfoot in back oh beyond or mt.chilad be carful if you find him though he can not die and one hit from him kills you!!!
  • I'm not gonna lie; I looked for both of those fuckers and found nothing. GTA IV coming in March! W00t W00t!
  • we all have heard theses myths and none are true, if you have SA on pc you can check by going into some folders and checking somthing like "character graphics" it does't say the words bigfoot, leatherface, UFOS ECT. and also leatherface wouldn't be in the game anyway because rockstar would need permission by the owners or something.

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