• Definitely the very best thing.
  • Travel is great is the traveler has an open mind and is not judgmental about other people or the way they live. You have to maintain your curiousity and be willing to try new things. I think it also helps to travel light -- traveling with everything you own bogs you down. But if you travel the right way, it can be great -- and you can really appreciate the values and benefits of home when you get home.
  • definitely i agree u get out of the house and all and the awesome hotel babes in there bikini's
  • I agree! It's eye-opening, lots of fun and sometimes humbling.
  • Agreed! Especially when you're young and resilient! ;-)
  • I love to travel. It's all the things you mentioned and it's when I feel most alive and free.
  • Yes, i'll agree with you..totally! I've never been out of the US though...have been to 2 diffrent states since i've been old enough to know. And have plans to go somewhere in a few months from now ;) +5 Mr. Bean =)
  • Most definately! I believe in the quote "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” - St. Augustine
  • i agree, i love to travel
  • Travelling is the best thing as compared to what? Not travelling? Ok, I'll say its the best thing to not travelling because it's fun, educational, and worthwhile. Yes you meet new people, learn about new cultures, see a few sports events, and try different foods, and you don't have to cook.
  • Completely agree!! I can't help but feel that if you don't travel you are missing out on becoming a more complete, educated, understanding and free-spirited version of you. You learn so much more about the realities of the world from travelling than you ever will from biased media, or books. Not to mention learning about yourself!
  • Traveling IS great and these are great answers; but traveling is only great if you have a stable place to come home to, otherwise it can distort your sense of being. I've travelled with bands where when the band took a break, some member would have to find a girl to stay with for a couple of weeks. That's tragic! Living in hotels can be a blast, but not if you HAVE to!

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