• Graboid,firefox,Movies Forum.Just to name a few.*+++++*
  • they tell you to send in a poem then in a couple weeks they send you a letter telling you how amazing your poem was and that they are going to publish it in their book of lovely poems and all you have to do is buy the book for 25$.... scam!!!
  • I listed a lot of them in these pages on my site - Please be sure to check out the Shams (Infomercial Info), Scams (Mostly email, but some others, too), and Flim-Flams (Urban Legends) sections. (NOTE: This should NOT be considered Spam, as the info was asked for, and this is my site - from which I currently make NO money - most of which was created before I joined AB.)
  • Scrubbing Bubbles® Automatic Shower Cleaner is a scam. The local news had a consumer report on it where they put one in a shower, then filmed it each day for 14 days, and the shower got dirtier and dirtier, with mold all over it.
  • What site can you go too that, have information on scams, and/Or information on ppl experances with company that scam ppl. Other then the BBB
  • I forgot what site it was, but it is a survey site, let you take random funny surveys. I was playing around one day and one of the question was what’s your SSN that when I exited out, lol make sure you read things. Watch the fast, first thought surveys.

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