• I think typing takes up more
  • Aimless talking does.There is no right or wrong. When the throat chakra vibrates the person talks too much on spiritual.Then as it moves higher to the eyes, the words stop coming!+
  • No. Filibustering can be a good thing.
  • It depends upon what you are talking about and whether or not you let others talk too. Talking to others is how you long as you listen to them when they talk. Being wrong or right is subjective..there is no "right" answer to that question. If you don't talk at all no one ever gets to know who you are. Happy Friday! :)
  • All words might be thought of as pointers to something else. All talking is completely conceptual. If the words are pointing to true nature, then not necessarily a bad thing. Why talk about anything else? The rest takes care of itself.
  • Talking too much is wrong. You should talk only a third of the time that you listen. If you don't stop talking you never learn. Listening is more important than speaking. Talking should be limited to necessity. People who talk too much often suffer from psychological disorders.
  • Its not wrong nor right...Yes it is waste of energy,because people are hardly listening to what u say,and u are going on an on an on...

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