• Not at all. Admittedly it took me some time in order to establish when humour will "work" here or not; fortunately most good folks here have a flexible sense of humour. That being said, if I was downrated for a bad translation (my fault) on an answer, then I most likely deserved it. Other downrates are "drive-bys" with no rhyme nor reason. This is not a realm for grudges, life is outside waiting for all of us ;)
  • No I don't.
  • Nope. Live and let live. It was their opinion and I had a different one. These things happen. No big deal : )
  • no. why bother? there is enough negativity in the world already.
  • LOL! Never, NEVER. And I have had wildass fights with people on here who give me attitude. There are the mentalities that think they are the only ones who can give a smart ass answer and the listener will just take the high road and bolt. Not, I. But, some of the worst fights (and they WERE fights!) have wound up finding me some great friends. Go figure. I don't start fights, but if you are going to be rude and derogatory to me, I will answer you back. I don't care a hoot about bad ratings, I don't let it stop me and my ratings are awesome.
  • Yes! I just avoid them and do not answer any of their questions
  • Absolutely not. First, I have no idea who gives out the DR's. Usually those are drive-by's. People who argue are usually not such dipsh*ts. Most importantly, we might end on on the same side on other issues. I've been on the same side as religious people on some things and I've been on the same side as parapsychology skeptics on others. Even though we've argued passionately on opposite sides. The longer I do this, the more I see the necessity to be polite and civil. Ya just never know.
  • Well this is only day 2 for me so not sure my answer would be accurate or not but, I really don't think I would. What a waste of time, right?
  • Sometimes I try to forget. But it takes time for me to forget. It is just human nature to hold a grudge. But I learned that the faster you forget the better. Just get on with your life. Like they say, life is too short.
  • No but some times I have to make a point that they are total morons and I really shouldn't. It doesn't help, they never get it. Some times the younger ones do and the light bulb goes on in their heads. But the older ones are set in their ways and if they are idiots that they will stay. This place is meaningless other than to try and help someone out who needs some advice. I have seen it change here. Much less legitimate questions from people in need of help and/or guidance and more playfulness. And some really misguided troubled individuals that really need help.
  • There are a couple of jerks on here I ignore...
  • Yes. I am guilty of DRing someone but they were ranting out of control.
  • It's the past, forget is what I say.
  • No, it's just not important to get upset about something like that. I might watch out for them in the future, not answer their questions for awhile if they seemed still bent out of joint, but I don't hold a grudge or go after them. Life's too short for that sort of thing, and in the end, it's just AnswerBag :-)
  • Nope - every time I see a new question or answer from them I will look at it as if we have not clashed before. I have a few heated arguments with some people which have been directly followed by friendly discussion and comments. Some people do continue to disappoint though... in that case, I just avoid them for the sake of my own sanity.
  • Nope as GENERALLY an opinion is an opinion, and free speech is the right of everyone, and as far as ratings go not that big of a deal one way or the other because not everyone is going to like what I say just as I do not like what others say but they have a right to their opinion just as I have a right to mine .. ~Nemo~
  • No. I have had one or two heated conversations with fellow AB'ers but we all got over it. We even answer each others questions and joke around with each other now. It's a beautiful thing.
  • No. I have better things to do than concern myself with people I don't actually know.
  • Certainly not against those that disagree with me. It is very difficult to hold a grudge against people that DR you because they are rarely ethical enough to leave a reason so you do not know who they are. The very few that do leave a comment with a DR. I may not agree with but I do respect their honesty and do not hold a grudge against the honest ones, just the hypocrites of whom there are many.
  • Nah, not in the least bit. I come here to argue usually and have fun doing it. I don't even hold grudges with the fundies even though admittedly they do make it easy to hold a grudge, but that's pointless because they do make it to easy to win the argument. I don't even hold grudges with Xtians.. even though they seem to be hell bent on DRing me to hell...I',m still here!

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