• Well, normal people aren't. The weirdos are running around crying, falling into depression and committing suicide.
  • I think so. He was a man of questionable moral character. He was also a talented musician/entertainer. At the end of it all, he is just a man.
  • I think the reactions fit perfectly within the framework of a society that puts celebrities up on pedestals and worships them as Gods when they're only human beings like the rest of us. Nothing surprising here at all.
  • I guess not. It may seem a bit extreme but it is their only opportunity to overreact. I think they should be left to react in peace.
  • Yes, including me...guess i was just shocked he was pretty young.
  • I saw on the news today that some people are taking their own life because they are so devastated by his death. I won't judge them but I do find it very difficult to understand why a person would go to such extremes over a man that they did not know neither did he know them.
  • Don't people always over react to everything.
  • Yes I think they are overreacting, I feel bad for the family because of his death. With Anna Nicole Smith, we heard about her every hour for 3 months. The man is dead, bury him take care of his estate and move on. His death did not affect my life one bit.
  • LOL! Ya think? I can't believe people are surprised.
  • I think they are. But he is Michael Jackson... he changes music. So I think he deserves the attention!
  • id' say they're overreacting even if he wasn't a child-molesting freak of nature. once you take that into account, i'm surprised anyone gives a shit. it's ridiculous, half the people mourning him wouldn't have given him the time of day when he was alive. just goes to show how far the masses are willing to bend over for celebrities. they'll forgive and forget anything, just need an excuse.
  • Yes. If he was in concert at the Staple's Center it would make the entertainment page. If his funeral is there it starts the news and ranks it's on air time. We are told that if we do not care, we are racist. Maybe we do not care because of what he did.
  • Probably, but he was the king of pop so it comes with the title. For me he died a long time ago when he first started taking visits to crazy town.
  • As inspiring to people as he was, as many lives as he touched..... no.... no, I don't think so.
  • Yep... And...I think they need to shut the hell up about it now and put Vh1 and MTv back to normal!
  • Yes I do.
  • people always go to pieces over their idols. when rudolph valentino died in 1926 at the age of 31, an unprecedented 100,000 people lined the street in New York City to view the body. distraught fans collapsed in hysterics over his coffin and others committed suicide. and that was for a silent film actor!! most of his fans had never heard his voice!! i think the furor over jackson's death is typical and should be expected. we do love our idols!
  • They are milking it for all that it is worth and the news media is sucking it all up. It seems like they are trying to out Elvis, Elvis with Michael, Michael, Michael ad nauseum. I'm grateful for being a nobody. At least as a nobody, people will allow me to have a modicum of dignity left when I depart this world.
  • No I do not think they are over reacting. He was a world wide Superstar about to make a comeback.
  • It was to be expected. There is always that when a superstar dies.
  • Yes, I sure do.
  • No, the man was a legend, don't get me wrong, I'm not about to set up a shrine or anything, but I can respect the fact that Michael brought a lot of joy to people through his music, me included, and provided a lot of music to the soundtrack of a lot of our lives. I'm not against speaking ill of the dead, but only if that person was a bad person, I don't think Michael was a bad person, not in any way, so it's a bit disappointing to see people desperate to piss on the man's grave, even though as I write this, he's still not in the ground. It just goes to show, guilty or not guilty, an allegation will ruin a man, some people only want to believe the worst about people, it's so sad.

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