• Of course it is not right. It is ignorant and cruel.
  • no of course not but remember that it is ignorance and it's running rampant in the world. Don't let it bother you. I know plenty of people who are not declared mentally ill that need help more than those of us who have been declared mentally ill. They just refuse to admit they need help. Pure ignorance of what they don't understand or care to understand.
  • Of course not.
  • Absolutely not. It's unfair, unjustified, and downright mean-spirited.
  • That is mean and rude. Sadly, sometimes when people don't understand someone or their issues, they lash out and do things like this. It just shows their ignorance and should be ignored.
  • The only people who call other people names like that have such low self-esteem, they have to attack others just to make themselves feel better. Their mental illness is nearly as bad, but not yet diagnosed. We all need to try to be more tolerant of things we don't understand.
  • who ever did that is the real pathetic person not to mention he's weak and has real issues
  • Of course not. Mental illness can be a condition, just like a physical handicap, where no one is to blame. It's a sad thing. People suffering from mental illness should not be belittled.
  • Well that person likely has something wrong with them anyways. It could be a block. Like he/she knows they have something wrong and by putting others down it makes them feel better about their situation. A way to make themselves look better but deep down they're hurting.
  • No it is not right at all, they should never say it again.
  • No, I think they are ignorant!
  • not at all but its common people think im retarted cause i have emotional problems and two disorders i want want them dead
  • I think it is better said about a situation than to a person. There is much in the world that evokes pathos and we pity people. But to say to someone "you are pathetic" is never because we care or have is an insult, it is mean and it is unkind. Happy Thursday! :) ((hugs))
  • some people just tend to speak before they really think about what theyre saying, and the effect it could have on others - its extremely ignorant and judgemental - who knows when they or their family may be having mental health difficulties
  • No, it is of course very wrong. More than very wrong though, it is incredibly ignorant.
  • I dont think because you are mentally challenged that you will be exempt from being called names, when you get into an argument, however, you have to realize that when people do call names, they may be the one with the mental issues, LOL. I personally think we all some sort of mental issue.

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