• If someone has sued you and served a complaint, that complaint must be answer with a statutorily determined number of days, based on the state you are in. Contact an attorney.
  • It really depends on the rules of your particular jurisdiction. However, a motion is usually made once the complaint and the answer have been filed. There are many types of motions but the most common ones are usually for emergent relief because the matter can't wait for the proper course for resolution. Complicated and confusing, I know but you'd need more specific details for a more concrete answer
  • Well, let me just say this about that. Motions are very important. In fact, motions might be more important than anything else that may happen to you. When you get a motion, buddy, you better pay attention. So don't take motions lightly, in my opinion.
  • Usually a complaint is the first thing filed in a case. If you want to get out of a contract by court order, you usually have to file a complaint for declaratory relief. A complaint for declaratory relief is pretty complicated, and commits you to a full blown lawsuit. I wouldn't recommend it without a lawyer.

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