• Smoking.
  • Smoking!! :-/ don't do it!!!!
  • Smoking for a fact
  • I would say smoking is the quickest way to death,followed by a combination of poor diet and inactivity.
  • poor dieting and smoking takes more affect!
  • Anger, hatred, rage, vengence, frayed nerves, bitterness and depression. The smoking or bad habbit may be just the symptom.
  • Being disconnected from your self by being stuck in your head. This of course leads to many problems associated with ones health.
  • Alcohol, drugs, poor eating, and just your state of mind, if your head is f***** up then your whole body will be too.
  • Drugs.
  • All of the above.
  • A combination of all of the above.
  • I think it has been proven that everybody is different and is effected differently by things. It has to do with your DNA as much as anything. Some people have the ability to get rid of carcinogens faster then others. That is scientific fact, those people are less prone to get cancer for instance. There are people whose life will end at a predetermined time due to family traits(DNA) and that has also been proven. That especially goes with cases of heart disease and breast cancer for instance as well as any genetic diseases. So like I said it really depends on your body and your DNA. I know people that abused themselves and lived a long life, I also know people who were very health conscious yet died way too young. The best you can do in your life is to live it, be happy and do everything in moderation, both the good and bad. When it's your time to go, it's your time, just ask anybody who has been in heavy combat.
  • In my opinion mindset is the biggest factor. Sure, you can exercise and do all the right things, but why are you doing it? To create health or avoid illness? I'll give an example to explain this better: A good friend of mine is an absolute health nut. Yet, he's always sick. Why, because while his actions are healthy, the thought and mnotivation behind it are not. He's taking good action to avoid sickness, and so his mind is focused on sickness. Thus, he creates sickness. Staying in shape and eating right are great things, but be sure to take a good hard look at what the thought behind the action is. Don't eat healthy and think, "I better eat this and this to avoid sickness" , but rather "I'm going to eat this because it will make me feel so vital and energenic." If you're thoughts and actions aren't in harmony you will just defeat yourself. Henry William Allingham (born 6 June 1896) is a supercentenarian World War I veteran and, at age 113 years and 24 days, is the oldest verified living man in the world. Allingham credits "cigarettes, whisky and wild, wild women — and a good sense of humour" for his longevity.
  • Stress and high fat,salt and sugar diet. Combined with lack of exercise smoking little or no fresh fruit or vegetables in diet. Also over the counter drugs that cause problems like acetomenophen in doses of over 1.5 grams a day, and laxative used in place of roughage, causing kidney failure.
  • Great question, CT.Well,inactivity and poor diet mostly takes a toll on the health of children who are not introduced to any vices like smoking and alcohol. It also takes toll on the health of a major portion of world population.Inactivity has become a way of life due to all comfort under people's feet.Every thing is automated.Right from washing machines to cookers,while poor diet is a part and partial of every day life.When it comes to choosing food people choose something that would tickle their senses and don't pay a damn to nourishment.Pizza,burger,coke,pepsi,ham,doughnuts,twinkes,M&Ms in the global market striving for competition, make many easy and soft targets. The result of both combined together,diabetis(preying upon majority of urban population),cholesterol,high blood pressure,and a list of other unending miseries. . Now say for instance a person is conscious about food habits and goes to gym or health club everyday but,his face reminds you of a "steam engine" everytime you see him(Yes, you got it right,that's smoking),all his effort for a healthy life is flushed down the toilet.By smoking not only you kill your self but,take away some portion of life of people who dwell around you.If you don't think about your self,just think of those who pay the price for your momentary pleasure.I won't say a word more.The following experiment on smoking would say the rest. . The decision is yours.Smoke for so called "peace" or get smoked into "pieces".
  • Doing anything to the extreme.
  • Inactivity paired with a poor diet would be the worst.

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