• yes, because I can
  • No because it is illegal to own a gun in Britain
  • I do not have a firearm in my home. Its not that I choose not to have one, its just not high enough on my list to have made its way into the budget.
  • Yes, four actually.
  • Yes. About 50. I like them. Obviously. And I can't rely upon the cops for my safety.
  • We do not have a gun in our home. We live in a quiet, safe neighborhood. We do not live in the woods. We just have no need for one.
  • There is a gun in my house. I do not own it. My partner owns one because he can.
  • Yes we have guns, at least four but there could be more. They are here because they came with their owner, my husband LOL. I don't have anything against guns.
  • No I don't have a gun in my house. A) I don't know how to use a gun and with my luck I'd shoot my foot off B)If I had a gun in my house I know that I'd be dead already
  • yes...i am responsible for my own protection.
  • Yes, my husband owns one. We have it for protection. It gets locked away properly.
  • My dad owns a gun and I live with him, so there is a gun where I reside. I am not sure if I would have a gun if I had my own place because I would probably be tempted to play with it and, well, you know...BAM!
  • No guns here. I insured my house and all its contents. Never had a problem.
  • Around thirty of them at present. I own them for several reasons, some are there strictly for self-defense purposes (shotgun for home defense, pistol for concealed carry), some are there for hunting and the like, some are there for the fun of target shooting, and some are there because they are historic (several WW1 and earlier era rifles, for example). I enjoy target shooting and collecting, its my hobby and primary recreation.
  • Yup, 19 of them so far. I have them for protection and for shooting.
  • Yes I have several for protection. I have the constitutional right to bear arms and protect my family, and I am not afraid to use them.
  • We used to have a gun in our home, when my son was a security guard, but he have moved. I doubt that a gun would be any protection for me, and I don't have any other use for it.
  • No gun. My black market contacts have long since retired, so if I wanted to buy a gun, I would have to allow the ATF (and who knows haw many other TLAs) crawling up my butt. I prefer privacy to a gun. As a thirty year user of primitive weapons, I don't need a gun. I can kill with a slingshot, speargun, poisoned fei-biao, or any of a host of other exotics....none of which anyone can do squat about (I can make them faster than the nannyites can confiscate them)!

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