• I was always taught never to hit anyone unless it was in self I guess that means boys and girls. And believe me not ALL boys are taught never to hit a girl. I know plenty of them who do.
  • i guess because most boys are physically stronger than girls. but i don't believe in hitting anyone, guys shouldn't hit girls and girls shouldn't hit guys. only in self-defense!
  • I hit back :-) Someone has to protect all those wimpy men too scared of slander or liability to stick up for themselves when a femanazi attacks.
  • A friend of mine was taught never to hit anyone smaller than herself. And she's rather tall. It was a sad day when she stood up to hit this dickwad of an opinion writer we had at that paper, and she discovered he was a good foot shorter than she was.
  • What stupid fool tells them that? I sure didn't. My son HATES to be even playfully hit, and will strike with deadly force if surprized with one. Playa be ware...datz wuz mean? I held my end of the deal up, now fetch me me points or i'll slap you up side da head....(whipping a iron fencing jumpsuit out of knowhere and hopping into it)...tha...NOW WOAMN
  • Because if they didn't hit us, how would we know when they like us?
  • I was taught to keep my hands to myself. I teach my kids the same.
  • That's not true. I was told not to hit anyone unless I was prepared for their retaliation.
  • Most girls are told not to hit ANYONE fyi.
  • It is old school. I believe in self defense for both sexes. I hit my b/f in high school and believe me, he hit me back!
  • This is a good question. Many or most boys grow to be men who can be physically overpowering to women, so a truism like "never hit a girl" can be as useful as "never shake a baby" or "don't put salt on your food." It helps a majority of the time. A small or moderate number of women are larger than a small or moderate number of men, and of that number, some women could physically overpower some men. But because it's small it's not worth creating a truism for it. It would be useful to create some kind of cultural guideline for this however, because I suspect more women hit men - and get away with it - than is generally believed by the general population. Women can be abusive just as easily as men can be abusive. Whether it's a man or woman doing it, existing laws prohibit the assault and battery.
  • Because mother's are the ones doing the telling?
  • Double Standards, +6
  • I think because most men are physically stronger than most women.
  • I was always told never to hit anyone unless they hit me first or to defend myself, male or female so that must be a generalization
  • to claim that girls are never told the hit is absurd, as men mature the have in most case more strenght, one good hit can really hurt a woman So it shouldn't one hit for another, but if a woamn is trying to kill me all bets are off
  • Good question. It should apply to both sexes.
  • Its called Muscles and weight mass. We are the soft ones remember
  • I rember that the girls were allowed to do almost anything. If they hit us boys and we complained, we got mostly an additional flogging by the lady teachers who seemed to wait all day long for any reason to give us a flogging. But if we hit one of the girls it was the most serious crime we could commit in our little lives. I often felt treated so extremely unjust because girls could do anything but we the boys were punished an spanked for anything. It was a rather unjust childhood. But it seemed to me as if most girls were regarded as angels while we were regarded as nasty little devils.
  • Think because it was always looked upon as boys were stronger than girls, therefore could hurt them more. Also, boys are suppose to take care of the girl, not abuse them. The female sex has always been considered the weaker sex, and maybe physically we are. But now day, with women in the police, military, martial arts, I figure there are some out there that could hold their own.
  • Wow, great question.
  • On the whole, men are stronger and can do more damage.
  • My children were taught not to hit anyone. It did not matter the sex of the hitter or the victim.
  • Because guys tend to be stronger and more durable... Girls tend to be weaker and more fragile... (sorry, it's true...) I will never hit a woman, even if she hits me... I couldn't bring myself to ever hit or hurt a woman... However, I will restrain her if she hits me (my bones don't break easy and I have tough skin... She'd end up hurting herself hitting me) until she calms down... Hope this helps... :D
  • I would hit a girl if she hit me.
  • Oh they got told, They just didn't listen. LOL

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