• Try to keep busy by doing chores or things that need to be done. Or go have fun. Play mini-golf, go swimming, movies, reading a great book, whatever makes you happy.
  • for me its family, friends and God that gets me through those hours...
  • Grim determination.
  • I am not ashamed to say I got through the darkest hours of my life with God. I am also aware of coping methods and techniques since I am a nurse that works in the field of psychiatry. It is my believe that that God also uses other people as well as the knowledge of the world that we live in which includes science and related fields.
  • my family always helped me.
  • There were quite a few of them - Darkest hours of my life. Time is the best healer when talking about my beloved father's death. It was back in 1973, I was grieving my way getting depressed and not coming out of it for a long time. Time has passed and healed my soul a little, but not fully. There were the other darkest hours too, but I continue living my live and trying not to dwell. My new little daughter needs a lot of attention and she does good distracting me from my thoughts. :) Find a good hobby for yourself and get distracted as much as you can. It WILL work. Good luck to you. (wish I could you give 10+) 5+
  • For me time has never healed's about accepting and admitting the things I held to that hurt me were allusion to what I percieved as fair and wholesome. Also repeating the ...."Grant me the serenity to accept the thinks I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." Really clear things up.
  • I tried to cope with life in small pieces - minutes or hours - and made decisions about what I would do with them. It's the one foot in front of the other idea. Otherwise I felt overwhelmed.
  • it lookz like you need to do some needed prayin and goin to church. that'z how i got through my problems. and u feel the need go get a therapist too. sometimes their advice helps.
  • Let go...Let God
  • I have two ways to cope. One is to read something to get my mind off things or sleep. Sleeping is a great escape until I am able to cope with whatever I was trying to avoid coping with.
  • I got through my darkest hours one dark minute at a time. I tried not to think about the next dark minute while I was getting through the current one. I repeated this process until I saw a light at the end of the tunnel.
  • It's for a fact that each of us have our own "darkest hours". However, one truth that we have to know is that this "darkest" moment is very much tied up with who we are and what we are at that very moment. Our own uniqueness plays in every moment of our lives. At times, this might be a clash of values, of wants, but as always, it is we who are involved, the unique "I". Rationalization aside, humility in. ACCEPTANCE of our brokenness in the face of such situations is the first step. We can't move on without admitting fully where we are at that moment. When alone, I would WRITE DOWN my thoughts and feelings about the situation because I'm a pen-and-paper type of person. (So this depends on what type of person you are.) This eases me up because it's a way of opening up to the issue. The point I keep in mind is never to turn my back on the issue. CONFRONTING it is getting half-way to the "solution". At times, talking to the person who has caused me pain is a better way than using a journal. For me, the journal serves as a way to ease my emotions in order for me to confront the person in a constructive way. If it isn't a person, the JOURNALING that I have done will show me patterns of the way I look at the situation. It lets me discover if I have a one-sided perception of reality, or uncover my past that I am still bringing with me even to the present. What I always keep in mind is I AM MY WORLD. I am how I look at my world. Sometimes, the only solution is changing how I look at my world. Through this, many a "darkest hours" have become "discovery hours" for me.
  • Believe that it will get better someday and try to preoccupy yourself. Easier said than done.
  • Reading, writing, studying harder, video games, working harder, watching good movies, etc. Those are just pasttimes, however; most of it is on me. I just keep fighting the urges, the desires, the hate, and the pain. I just keep going and I never give up. I can't ever give in.
  • The sweet taste of revenge.
  • Yes its drinking heavily then waking up and saying who gives a crap..and go on thru the day...
  • i just let god help me out

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