• My grandfather can't read or write
  • You'd be surprised at how many adults in the 'hood can't read. I've had to read mail for my neighbors many times. The thing is, sometimes it's adults who are in other ways very intelligent, but if reading wasn't encouraged when you were little, I think it's very hard to learn it as an adult.
  • Yes, a few. Most that I know of are that way out of commitments that were deemed more important than school.
  • Yes I do and he is over 60 yrs old and currently learning. +5
  • No, but the woman next door to me when I was a kid couldn't read or write.
  • I know two 1 is my cousin, and the other is my friends uncle he actually gets a check from the state for it which i think is pathetic, all the money they give him each month in his check they should use to send him to school.
  • Yes. he's 54 years of age. The shameful thing is that this guy graduated from high school. Not shameful on him, mind you. Shameful for the public school system to have just passed him along to get rid of him rather than work with him to help him become literate.
    • Mircat
      And he chose not to take an adult education class or get into a reading program sponsored by a library?
  • How about all the people who coast through stop signs?
  • Yes. Illegal alien of course.
  • Yes ... I know two older people who are completely illiterate (and one young person who is blind and has not yet learned Braille).
  • While in the Army in the 1970s I had several occasions to accidentally walk into a room where an NCO was doing his duty by reading letters from home to an Illiterate. Since at that time they would take at minimum a high school graduate I didn't understand why a soldier couldn't read. It turned out that among the several waivers a person could get would be if a court ordered a convict to enter the Army and serve as a front line grunt, in such a case the Army apparently acted as if it were an extension of whatever the court decreed. I was incensed, imagine that dud trying to call an airstrike, could you depend on him to properly read a map, or get his call signs right? Or would he get lucky and land a battalion of artillery directly on his own position and take out the entire company? I'm sure the people stateside felt secure in the knowledge that this crim was off their streets. Sheesh!
  • Yes I have a friend that her son can't read and he graduated for High School.... Now what's wrong with this picture?
  • No, I can't say that I do. Everyone I know can read and write.
  • Yes I do... :( +3
  • I'm pretty sure Bill O'Rielley can't.
  • My great grand dad can't read or write.
  • Interesting question, I do not know any adult who can't read.
  • Thank goodness no. Illiterate people miss out on life.
  • my father was from poland and he couldnt read

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