• Absolutely nothing at all. Neither does his religion. Don't get me wrong I am a conservative Republican so you know damn well I didn't vote for him and not because he's black or because he is supposedly really Muslim but because I don't agree with him on many issues. I think however that too many people are making a big deal over nothing about him being black and about him supposedly really being Muslim I do however believe thatt there is a far greater issue here that seems to get very little press coverage these days and that is whether or not he is qualified under the rules of the Constitution of the United States to be President. Unless someone can show me otherwise there was a lawsuit filed I believe right after the election claiming that he was not a natural born U.S. Citizen and to my knowledge he has still not provided a birth certificate to prove he is and therefore qualified under our Constitution to be President.
  • This conservative Republican believes his race, your race, my race has absolutely nothing to do with anything. I don't like the guys politics and he probably wouldn't like mine but I'll bet that we could agree to disagree and then talk about kids, pets and bar-b-queing techniques for chicken and hamburger.
  • who said it has anything to do with anything? i guess those people are just jealous of his beautiful skin... love it!
  • it doesnt
  • it only shows how much the world has changed. If somebody told you some thirty years ago that in 2008 America would elect a black president, would you believe it?
  • well to the black community, it is, not only a milestone but hopefully a motivator
  • Other than being the first even half way black dude to make it to American Presidency, nothing. With the exception of those who wish to make much ado about nothing.
  • Plenty of republicans seem to think he only got elected because of the color of his skin. . I mean sure even if you take away the estimated 7.7 million black votes he got. He still would have won the popular and electoral college vote. But hey since when do racists care about facts? . 69,492,376 - 7,700,000 = 61,792,376 votes to McCains untouched 59,946,378 votes.
  • Nothing, he is anti-American, no matter the color of his skin.

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