• Only if you're really lacking in RAM (e.g. you currently run an operating system and OS that needs 512MB RAM and you have 256 MB). Also note that some operating system licences limit the amount of RAM you are able to use, so again it would be pointless to exceed this unless you plan on changing OS.
  • I am sure it will get faster if: a) you do defragment of your computer files regularly, b) clean junk by installing CCleaner and running it at least once a week. I run it 2 times a week.
  • Probably not. Keep it defragged and protected from malware and spyware. That's usually all you can do with a decent system.
  • buying memory will help to make the windows come up faster if you dont have viruses but just going out to buy ram will not help much unless you buy a lot. getting rid of viruses or cleaning the registry helps more
  • It might, but there are other things you should do too. 1) Be sure to delete temporary files - an easy way to do so is to go to "Disk Cleanup" option located under "Start, Accessories, System Tools" found on most PCs. 2) Also as mentioned in another answer, defrag your computer. +5
  • How much do you already have? There is a point of diminishing returns, but for Windows that is 1GB for WinXP and 2GB for Vista. If you are running Linux, you can generally get away with as little as 512MB for GNOME or KDE and less for other windows managers, but I still wouldn't go with any system that had less than 1GB period.
  • Your answer is a definite "maybe". If you are using Windows 32Bit of any flavour it will speed up until you reach just over 3Gigs then it will top out. If you are using Windows 64bit then it will get faster until you reach 8Gigs. Be aware that above 2Gigs in any system, you may not notice the speed increase unless you are running very memory intensive programs. Hope this helps.
  • Short answer, yes. I would recommend on average between 1 and 2 gigs of ram for XP, and between 2 and 4 gigs of ram for vista.
  • yup, go buy some ram.
  • I'm curious. . . . . .what do YOU think??????????

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