• Ladies Rolex. Though really, I would rather have the money that it cost.
  • A Breitling. Simply because the Rolex name is way too hyped, and I don't want to be one of those conformists who makes a point of wearing a Rolex for the brand name.
  • Neither. What a *stupid* waste of wealth. For less than $100, you can purchase a watch that is radio-synchronized to the NIST atomic clock, which is the 'official' clock of the United States. You can know the correct time to within milliseconds. The only reason anyone wears either of these is to show off how much money they can afford to waste on it. Sorry for the vehemence, but high-end watches really are a spectacular example of 'conspicuous consumption' run amok. . . .
  • Tag Heur
  • Neither. My cheapie Casio is good enough for me. It has a wrist strap AND tells time. Fancy!
  • those expensive watches mean nothing to me. i have a citizen watch that was given to me as a gift and i love it, i know i am getting old cause it is getting harder to see the date in the little window
  • Rolex.
  • Whichever one costs more so I could sell it. I hate watches. they're just some stupid thing weighing your wrist down. I've got a cell phone, what in heaven's name do I want a portable clock on my wrist. I'd feel quite dumb wearing one.
  • The brand of watch one wears does not make the man/woman.Status is hollow.
  • Rolex but just because i have no idea what a Breitling is.
  • Since I used to collect different watches, I would personally say Rolex, simply because they are many more dealers for service and repair. The price to even have them cleaned is $400-500. If done at the factory. They can be attractive and very finely made, but they are vastly overpriced and for most people, a status symbol. I never wore mine even, because they were bought as investments and kept in their boxes in a safe deposit box til I decided to sell them. I would not really want either today, since they are overpriced, and "automatics" do NOT keep as accurate time as a quartz watches or the newer "atomic" watches, which you can get for $50. up, and they keep time accurate to 1/1000 of a second and reset the time by signal each night. So they are always accurate. I am sorry people replying did not look at the category. Most people are taking it to mean you like the watch for the status, versus as a collector. I understand what you mean.
  • Rolex, given those choices. Patek Phillipe preferred thanks.
  • For rugged looks, I like the Breitling Cosmonaute with the 24 hour dial. For just plain good looking, I like the Rolex Submariner, blue dial with gold accents. Having said all that, a $25 battery operated watch with a quartz movement will keep better time than both of them.
  • No, because I would be asking for trouble. I know that I won't get mugged because of my watch. It is made of stainless steel. I got it as a birthday gift from my employer, a Federal Contractor. Cheap, but accurate and it has been kicking for close to four years.
  • I would like a movado like these here
  • Timex is good enough for me. i don't need fancy things to make me feel cool. i'm cool to my little girl and my wife that's cool enough for me.
  • you know all of you rolex hated out their "if" you could afford one you would have one on your wist!lol
  • Get both. If you can't afford two, probably shouldn't be buying one. Personally, I like Breitling. You should have a sleek one for formal attire and if you like the big dials, check out the Bentleys or the new Chrono-Matic 49.
  • In short order, a Breitling. I actually own both.A Breitling Colt auto 2.And a Rolex Seadweller Y Serial. Let me start by saying that the Dweller is a bad to the bone watch. The colt on the other hand is way beyond that. In spite of a lot of people that say" the colt is too small " It is in fact 41.1 mm. And it without a doubt is "bigger than the Dweller", which measures in at 40mm. That is more than fine for my 7" wrist. I admit the Dweller is more of a status symbol. But lets be honest here, a watch is merely a piece of jewelry and thats it. And as big as the Breitling name has gotten in recent years, the Colt gets noticed just as much as the Dweller. The fact that the Colt has a ETA movement means nothing to me. In the end both watches will last more than a lifetime if taken care of. Also purchase price is a factor for me as the Dweller was a gift. I could never afford it myself.
  • I have a gun silver pocket watch from the Civil war its key wound and is worth 78,000.00 does that count to you show offs!
  • give me a timex indiglo any day
  • I have one of each - a Rolex GMT 11, and a Breitling Aerospace. Both are very handsome, high quality watches, but the Breitling is a better buy since they spend nowhere near as much on advertising. Other than pilots, no one seems to pay any attention, and neither of these gets anymore comments than my Tags, Movado's, Fortis, Raymond Weil, or Gucci's. I simply get personal enjoyment from them, and I know some people spend as much or more on alcohol and fast food.

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