• Oh, I don't really think so. It may be the only thing many others hear about Australia, but that is their own fault. I have been very impressed with Australian novelists, poets, and Australian cinema in recent years. Australia is in many ways like the young United States was. Its cultural aspects were ignored or disparaged. "Who reads an American book?" was a comment by a Brit of the nineteenth century. Well, things certainly changed, did they not?
  • Sport is huge there but all I can say is I have a bunch of 'Aussie' friends and they are great!
  • yes sport does play a big part of our Aussie way of life .. then again so many different sports are played down here its not hard to see why. But only ignorant fools would think that sport is the be all end all for Aussies.. we have adopted many things from the great many cultures that now call Australia home .
  • From an outside point of view, it summaries Australian culture. This is not because I think that Australian culture is nothing but sport, of course it isn't, but because I genuinely do not know what Aussie culture is. I haven't been introduced to it, I haven't read it, seen it or heard it. I guess it just has not been 'exported' in the way that other cultures have. Or perhaps, maybe, like England there is not really a loud and noticible Aussie culture and this is why sport has come to define it to a large extent.
  • Not enough. Your language defines your culture. I know, I know, you speak English. You speak Australian English. Its full of funny words, and sayings. It might be slang, its really Australianisms. when was the last time you were in a thunderbox?
  • I hate sport and I'm Australian. I think Australia is more defined by things like bbqs, bush tucker, aborigines, ugly prime ministers and very interesting, unique wildlife.

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