• The school systems need funding... we don't need more water parks...
    • Franco333
      What we need is financial accountability. Instead of pouring ever increasing millions and billions down the black hole that is public education, we need to see EXACTLY where that money goes, and how each dollar is a reasonable budget can be drawn up and waste can be eliminated, and so any scammers skimming off money can be dealt with. What we need is an abrupt end to the 'blank check' mentality.
  • Americas education system should better cater to the children. We should also introduce forgein languages before high school. It is a proven fact that children absorb more information than adults.
  • The education system could use improvement, I think parents are the issue and the no child left behind law should be shredder, if you can't get up too std you don't pass we shouldn't lower stds for the select few. Bill Gates set everyone up with the school of the future. He threw millions of $$ into a school in Philly and took away all excuese that ppl say about public school, Well guess what most of the kid there aren't doing any better that the Ntl avg, some even worse. Busted, that leaves the parents with the responsibility of poor education re-enforcement
  • America's education system? I personally think it's a joke. It seems like they had it pretty well off for awhile then they stopped putting any effort whatsoever into the education system a few decades ago. All they do now is make it look pretty and try to help the kids' "self-esteem", even though that's the PARENT'S job. I didn't feel accomplished AT ALL when I graduated high school. I pretty much slept through my senior year, did nothing, and still graduated with straight 100's. I had my high school diploma practically handed to me. So as for my two pennies, I think America's education system is rubbish(if I may use the British term).
  • as stated above sending out a sos to the school system. I have to laugh when the school sysyem claims kids are getting smarter when there gettin easier tests and getting paid to take them!! Also should be open thru july..
  • It is the saddest system for children I have ever seen.
  • needs improvements
  • I think both my country and Americas school system have a lot of potential, but not enough opened mindedness needed to capture the interests today's youth.
  • worse than some yet better than many.
  • When money dictates every aspect of education we have crossed into a very sad state.
  • I think the American education system need many improvements.
  • I could go on for hours on this one! Let's just say that it would be better if the organisation of the education system was left to educators, and not politicians, administrators, and generally those who are basing their judgement on their own experience of school rather than the wealth of academic research and experience gained by teachers over the years!
  • It sucked when I was in school, but from all evidence, it sucks a thousand times worse now.

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