• They aren't well-known. +5
  • Because millions of people don't know them and vicariously leech their self-esteem from them. Besides, though laying down one's life for their cause is honorable, their profession is one lacking a pleasing life expectancy. Bluntly, coldly: soldiers die all the time, Michael fucking Jackson dies but once.
  • I dunno...all I can do is up your answer in points and keep telling people to stop asking questions about all the recent dead celebrities. WHO FUCKING CARES? It sucks they died, but you're right now we have to hear about it for the next year and THAT'S what pisses me off.
  • I don't talk about either, but a soldier knew they had a chance of dying when they signed up.
  • Maybe because the only people who really hear about them is their squadrons, families and the people of their towns. When famous people die, there are so many paparazzi, "entertainment news", and regular news media around them, it gets out fast to the world.
  • They were appreciated long before they ever died. They aren't talked about as much because we never talked about them to begin with other then just generically. We talk about celebrities from time to time, they are part of our personal lives. We have chosen to bring them into our homes and lives. When one dies that affects that part of your life. They most definitely aren't as important as our troops, but they do hold a part of our lives in the way that an individual soldier doesn't. I'm not saying that's the way it should be, but it's definitely the way it is.
  • Maybe that's true where you live, but our news stations here cover the deaths of every soldier in the entire broadcast area, of over 100 square miles, including interviews with their families, pictures of their school days, and such. None of them actually become billionaires or were put on trial, so that might explain it.
  • It doesn't seem right does it?
  • it doesn't seem right...unfortunately media does not put them in the public eye and therefore we do not connect with them on a is very sad...
  • Sounds so sad but true. And thank you for bring this up so we will remember them also.
  • it doesn't get the press coverage or the attention, I'm not saying it's right, but ppl won't ask if they don't know Bring it to the table and ask away
  • unfortunately, protecting freedom is hard, bloody, dirty work and no one envies a soldier. Some people would much rather talk about insignificant deaths of media moguls and madonnas because they can trivialize death, so as to avoid their own mortality..there's nothing entertaining or trivial about dying in war, it's harsh, cold and real...there's a lot of people that can't handle real.

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