• That's Gawd's way of giving human beings their own "spare parts" and "back-up systems." If one fails, you have another one (eye, ear, nostril, arm, leg, kidney, etc.) that can take over and keep you alive. Surprisingly, we don't have an extra brain or heart or liver or pancreas. +5
  • just because you can survive on one doesn't mean you can live healthily on one. My mother had one removed when she was 30 and she's now 56. Yeah, she's alive but she has had so many other medical problems over the years as a result of her one kidney having to work doubletime. Just like our lungs, she we can live on one, but don't expect to go win a marathon or anything. So why do we have two instead of one big one? who knows? Heredity, genetics, symmetry, could be a lot of things.
  • Why do we have two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, or two arms? Just because we don't NEED them, doesn't mean that they aren't useful.
  • So that way they wouldnt get lonely, If there were only one, it would get very lonely and sad and probably committ suicide.
  • You can survive with one, but you will not be as healthy as with two. It is a redundant system to make sure what needs to be expelled from the body goes out of it. As far as what some others have said, about other duplicate body parts, some of those duplications are very important. Two eyes allows you to have depth perception. Two ears allows you to locate the source of a sound. Two nostrils gives enough space to breath through the nose. ( try closing one nostril and breathing through the open one. Just like single nostril breathing when you have a cold, it sucks!)
  • 2 words: bilateral symmetry. except for a few organs, we're symmetrical down the front. That means 2 of most things.
  • In evolution, surviving isn't enough. You have to out compete those around you. With two kidney's I out compete people with only one even if they don't die.
  • Well, cars have redundant braking systems, etc. Maybe for 'safety's sake'?! ;-)
  • Oxygen, being of 2 valence, caused us to have two of alot of things. Nitrogen, with 5 is the fingers and toes. Carbon, with 4, are the 4 extremities.

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