• It has been stable for the last year,
  • It fluctuates within 10 lbs!
  • It's been within about four pounds that last year, but need to lose much more fat ( body fat % close to obesity level). q:)
  • It fluctuates by about 2 lbs. in either direction but I have to be very careful since I lost 45 lbs. on the low carb lifestyle and now the weight wants to creep up - I have to keep hammering it back down! I went from sz. 16 to sz. 8, 189 to 144, with a low of 142 (couldn't seem to maintain that - but I am fine with 144 max since I'm pretty solid except for remnant abdominal fat). I've maintained for 4 months but it doesn't get any easier - I weigh-in every morning, then determine how to eat that day based on what the scale says! When it's down, sometimes I go too much in the other direction, which makes it that much more of a balancing act. Right now it's a little over the limit so I'm cutting back today. I love to eat, so even the low-carb approach (protein-based foods w/ veggies and salads, along with unsalted nuts, avocados, and berries, with no fruit juices, only water, tea or coffee, and a weekly glass or two of red wine) can backfire if you take in too many calories. If I jog once a week, it helps, but despite doing my daily calisthenics, I haven't gone jogging in about 4 weeks, so, there is definitely a price to pay! Normal fluctuations are fine, but it's when it's unidirectional that it can be scary, unless you are truly underweight. At least, it's good to be healthy - and at age 53, I'm healthier than I have been in many years, so it's worth the extra effort to "hold on"!!!
  • It has been stable since I got married:)
  • It stays about the same.
  • There was a long gradual gain of 20 lb, and now I'm hopefully toward the end of a long gradual loss of it.
  • I stay with 5 lbs of 170 lbs.
  • It fluctuates between 117 and 120 pounds-which is healthy-A 3-5 pound fluctuation is normal from what I have read.
  • It usually fluctuates between +/- 5 pounds.
  • Usually it stays stable, but lately my weight has been bouncing around. What I don't understand is that I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary, to cause the fluctuation.
  • I lost about 35 lbs, with diet and exercise but in the past 2 years I have gained it all back. Trying very hard to lose it again but it gets more difficult with age. Just managed to lose 10 lbs. though and working on the rest, but it is very stubborn and unfortunately staying pretty stable. :(
  • Like a see saw......

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