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  • I assume you mean how long is the bleeding supposed to last, not the boyfriend, or the relationship. Unless you think you've started your period, seven days strikes me as rather a long time to bleed from a torn hymen -- unless you are having sex often enough to make it bleed before it really heals up? In most women, at least part of the hymen remains for life, but usually it's just a little bit that usually doesn't get in the way and usually doesn't bleed. Wikipedia has some graphic illustrations in the article on "hymen" that show this. "What can it lead to" is another puzzler. If you mean the sex, it can lead to pregnancy and to disease and to hysterical scenes with his parents, your parents, and each other; a lifetime of child support for him and poverty for you. Or it could lead to a eternal true love with wedding bells, etc., but that's not as likely. If you mean the bleeding, I think it should lead you DIRECTLY to a gynecologist's office. Planned Parenthood will see you (if you have one nearby) even if you don't plan to ask for contraception, and they won't tell your parents. You (most likely) can't tell where the bleeding is coming from by yourself. If it's your cervix, no big deal, it's probably just your period. If it's from the torn hymen, as I said, seven days is getting to be a bit much. However, since this is your first time, you might have damaged other tissues, such as the perineum (the tissues between your vagina and your anus -- when these are cut open in birth, it's called an episiotomy. Your boyfriend's penis wouldn't have cut you there, but it could have abraded the area or torn it a little bit). The explanation here uses a male illustration, but maybe it will help you get the idea: Maybe it's nothing more than an abrasion on the inner or outer labia, from being a little clumsy with each other. Anonymous, I think it would be a really good idea for you to knock off the genital contact until you can get a doctor to take a look and figure out what's going on, get some birth control, and talk about disease issues. And while you're there, ask about the HPV vaccine, which you can get now to prevent the virus that causes cervical cancer much later in your life (twenties and beyond). The sooner you get this vaccine, the less likely you are to get HPV, so don't wait until you start up with your next boyfriend. Ask NOW. Half of all women get it, and wind up at increased risk of cancer. You don't want to be one of those women. I hope this helps, and that you feel better soon.
  • Yeah that's definetly not normal. Most girls bleed very little or not at all. I'd definetly get checked out.
  • I have had sex then straight after my period has started, i always thought that was freaky, but it does happen. if you are worried, go see someone like a doctor.
  • Have you heard about "popping the cherry'? For you to still be bleeding with him popping you cherry, is a little concerning. You wouldnt still be bleeding from this experience. It is possible that his penis made a little tear on the inside. A good way to find out would be to go to the health dept or doctors office for an exam. Dont be scared. Better play it safe than sorry. If it is a tear, it should heal on its own within 2 weeks or so. It cant lead to your parents not loving you.

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