• Yes I think so. LOL :) (JK) Seriously - I think it's a parent's responsibility, but even in this day and age some people can't bring themselves to talk openly with their kids about it, so I'm glad that it's being taught in school as well.
  • I think the physical workings of the body is appropriate in a school setting. I think it's imperative though that parents teach their children about relationships and things they should look out for and avoid. Unfortunately too many children receive no guidance in that respect.
  • The responsibility for "The Talk" rests entirely with the parents. If they're too wimpy to do their job then the kids are gonna learn about it on the streets from their friends. Schools should simply enforce what parents have taught their children already..being responsible, being safe and being cognizant of the consequences.
  • Both. It affects all of society, and therefore should be taught to all of society.
  • Neither. Kid's should learn about sex on the street, like we did.
  • This depends on several factors, the problem is too many parents do not know how to teach sex education to their children properly and more are to embarrassed to do so. Schools in different parts of the country teach sex education from different approches some helpful some distructful. I personally believe the best place for children to learn about sex is in the home like it was from the beginning of human existance. Today however that is not possible because we no longer live in homes with one bedroom where the grandparents, parents, siblings and even at times aunts and uncles. Children grew up hearing and even watching their parents and other members of their family engage in sex. Today this is considered horrible and even abuse! Here is a very good site to help understand the sexuality among our children. I hope this helps shed some light on children and sex and is not intended to offend anyone. Many "Christian" organizations promote abstinence which in itself is good but not very realistic in most cases and more often than not ends in bad failure. If I have perked any helpful interest in this subject and would like to know more, please email me. My email is in my AB profile. Just be serious if you contact me and really desire to know more. I am not a professional, I just like to help people to understand.
  • Parents job.
  • I hear such "education" starts real young in the Bible Belt.
  • I think a combination of both. As long as the schools are teaching it in such a way that it is clear that the changes that kids go through and sex is a natural part of human nature, I have no problem with it. There also needs to be a good dialogue with the parents as well. I've always been very open with my kids about questions they have had.
  • Both,, And they are both not doing a very good job Right Now ;)
  • I honestly think it should be the parents but it seems that the schools have taken over AND teaching them at far too young an age.
  • Because I am a teacher and a mom, I feel that I can offer a little insight. Sex Education should be taught at home and in my opinion, sex education shouldn't be called sex ed. Geez, Parents should be having serious conversations about sex with their children. There should be a dialogue about sex, sexually transmitted diseases, how you have safe sex, why you have safe sex etc. I should be a continuous dialogue that NEVER ends. Not just one day...or "the talk". Schools should have some sort of class that is segregated (in grade school and Jr. High School) for girls and boys (the class should go over the reproductive system) My justification: it is part of life science and biology curriculum. My daughter has been in 2 different classes one in 5th or 6th grade, and one in 7th grade. I didn't mind her involvement because I had a much more in depth and deeper dialogue about everything.
  • Both, teaching it in school is okay for the technical info it provides but its a parents job to teach their children about the emotional and responsibility aspects of sex
  • parents only ...but it is IRRELEVANT today...other kids,tv,computers, etc...teach kids SEX EDUCATION today...
  • I personally think it is the parents job. But some parents don't want to do it. Maybe have a school class on it and then the parents could have the option of their child learning it in school. . In our town they touched base on the subject when my son was in the 4th grade. Taught them hygiene stuff and gave them a free deodrant. . +5
  • Parents should, but then again parenst should be teaching their kids history and science and math and such too but hey whatever. Maybe the schools should be doing it together with the parents, like making up worksheets or discusion questions for parenst and kids to do together. I plan to teach my daughter when shes 12-13 (this day and age maybe even earlier) I think its more about teaching them how to practicve safe sex than just how to have sex
  • It's a parent's job to make sure their kids are educated on this topic and any others that will help them live a safe and happy life. It's not the school's responsibility. It's nice if schools offer classes that could enhance the knowledge you have given your kids, but it is always a parent's JOB to take care of all of their kids' needs.
  • Yes....if we do not educate our children, how are we going to expect them to make educated desicions?
  • Parents primarily, but I'm glad the schools do too since there are so many parents that don't or won't do this adequately. The proof of that is the number of "Am I pregnant?" or "Could I be pregnant?" questions that pop up on AB. There is no excuse for anyone being that misinformed.
  • They just might get it right the first time.
  • One or the other...or BOTH. Skipping this very necessary instruction is not a parental right...irregardless of what some idiot preacher tells you.
  • nope, the parents should!!!!! its their job not teachers ..
  • By the time schools deal with the subject, kids should already have an understanding of what's going on - this is the parents' responsibility (someone needs to teach the parents first). Thus, the schools would have no need to delve into it with such precise detail that it stimulates the hormones. The Liberal-leaning education system should be prohibited from promoting fantasy gender issues. It's lying to the students and causing confusion with possible long-term damage that could end in suicide.
  • Parents should teach their children about sex education
  • I always thought that subject be taught in the home. If kids learn it on the streets, so be it. the schools took it on because of the increase in teen pregnancies back in the 60's and it's increased ever since. I think the reason for it had to do with the high divorce rate and no father in the home. little girls need their dads. there's a direct correlation between teen girls and no father or father figure in the lives of these young women.
  • Unfortunately, we live in a World in which one has to take VERY seriously the problem of pedophiles. Sex education needs to teach children (even young children) enough about sex and about what is and what is not "OK" so that they can recognize and report such a crime if and when it happens. A "vetted" course taught by competent teachers is surely the best method. *** When children start reaching puberty, additional sex education needs to be undertaken, again for education relative to pedophilia, but additionally with regard to what is and is not legal and most especially the consequences of legal sex. These consequences need to be EMPHASIZED and ACCURATELY portrayed with accurate statistics. SO: AGAIN the obvious best practice would be for competent school educators to teach a "vetted" course that will warn youngsters of the many real and factual and practical consequences of casual sex, AS WELL AS the legal consequences of illegal sex. *** TECHNIQUES ought not to be taught, apart from a basic (but accurate) description of the physical acts, which things need to be described accurately so that the possible consequences of said acts can be understood and correctly associated with said acts.
  • I was taught in my Hygiene class.

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